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Lucy, Still Going Strong…

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For over 30 years now Lucy Vanderhoof has been traveling to Haiti to work in the non-profit sector. For the past several years she has been volunteering with Project Nourish. Lucy loves ministering to the women and children most. Although she has mentioned that she’s “too old” to go back several times, it seems she’s often one of the first to enlist in the group trips. At 84 she’s still going strong and ready to join the action in an upcoming trip! “I’m not ready to give up”, Lucy says, “…I still have a great heart for Haiti.”

Seeing how excited she still gets talking about Haiti and knowing that she loves the people in Haiti, we anticipate having her on several more Impact Group trips in the future.       Keep it up, Lucy!!

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  • Randi Booth Says:
    August 13, 2016 06:43:22

    I love this woman so very much. Lucy is a true Proverbs lady.

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