Touching a Life…


We all need love and acceptance and we know how good it feels to get that. Well it’s great to give it too! I was reflecting on how so many volunteers and group trip participants have connected with people in Haiti. A caring and willing heart traveling to this poor, small country and touching someone’s life. Some really great friendships have been established over the years.

028 LucyKetia

It’s kind of amazing how people from such different locations and lifestyles can bond so nicely! Learning the language definitely helps but it is not a prerequisite to friendship. With the Project Nourish Impact Group trips we’ve seen so much laughter and happiness expressed right in the midst of the poorest country in the western hemisphere. I particularly enjoy connecting with folks from different cultures and, now that I’m older I guess, watching others do the same. So come make my day… and a new relationship… in Haiti!

NahomiePaulJac SAM_2501 KjvNatacha


Lucy, Still Going Strong…

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For over 30 years now Lucy Vanderhoof has been traveling to Haiti to work in the non-profit sector. For the past several years she has been volunteering with Project Nourish. Lucy loves ministering to the women and children most. Although she has mentioned that she’s “too old” to go back several times, it seems she’s often one of the first to enlist in the group trips. At 84 she’s still going strong and ready to join the action in an upcoming trip! “I’m not ready to give up”, Lucy says, “…I still have a great heart for Haiti.”

Seeing how excited she still gets talking about Haiti and knowing that she loves the people in Haiti, we anticipate having her on several more Impact Group trips in the future.       Keep it up, Lucy!!

On the way to Nursing School!

One way that we try to help is with education and training. We are pleased to be helping to sponsor a young lady in her pursuit in the field of nursing. Magdaline will be attending nursing school in Leogane. It has been her dream for a long time and we are hoping for a successful outcome. She will have some help from her family but it’s not enough. We are stepping in as we can in hopes of helping her through to completion and a good job as a nurse in the school/hospital that she will be attending. We at Project Nourish consider this a valuable education opportunity as well as fitting into our business initiatives.

Filling out the application for nursing school

One way she plans to give back is by serving in our clinic once it is up and operational. She is excited at the proposition of being able to serve the community in this way and also to be able to have a good job after graduation. I was able to give a recommendation on the application which was an added bonus for me as it is so rewarding to be a part of any and all of our business and betterment initiatives. I know many supporters, and potential supporters know the importance and benefits of these types of programs and we are hopeful that we’ll get enough contributions that will enable us to do this, and many more of these endeavors. It is just these types of efforts that bring the community closer to the self-sufficient, vibrant place we want to see. The training, jobs, and community service strengthen the fabric of the society and have long term impact on the direction of the locale and country. Project Nourish is aiming to help see a strong and healthy Haiti and with your help we will see it happen!

If you’d like more information about this or other initiatives please send an email to: and we’ll do our best to give you a good answer. We welcome your suggestions too! We are in this together…