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Thank God for Tim & Jen!

It was an absolute pleasure to have Tim and Jen of Paradigm Foundation visit our work in Haiti! They brought so much energy and love to the people we are working with. The kids at school certainly warmed up to them instantly! Hopefully, Haiti is in their blood now…like it is ours! Actually, Tim’s grandfather was a missionary in Haiti years ago working in an orphanage so I guess it is in the blood 🙂


Paradigm has been building houses in the Dominican Republic. Their houses have been designed to address the needs there while taking into consideration efficiency and building healthy structures.

We are prayerfully considering the potential for partnering on some efforts in the struggling country of Haiti. It would be an honor to work together to address some of the necessary building needs, which include residential and community structures. Please add this consideration to your prayer list!

Don’t they look soooo comfortable in this special place on God’s earth?!


(We’re hoping for your quick return, guys!!)

Building Project…

As we work in Haiti there’s a need to send and store materials and items for the various needs that we encounter. We have been storing and disseminating goods from the house where we board and it has been taking up too much valuable living space. The time had come for building a depot to work from…

With the help of our most recent Impact Group, we now have a new depot! A hearty, “Thank You!” to all of those who pitched in to get this accomplished in the hot Haiti sun. It will be put to good use as Project Nourish continues ministering to families in the country of Haiti.

There will always be more & more to do and it people like these volunteers that keep answering the call to accomplish each task as they present themselves. And it bears mentioning that it’s not only the builders but without the funds there would be nothing to build with! ‘Thank you’ to you blessed folks who fund these endeavors; you are absolutely vital to operations!!

Video – Impact Group Trip with Project Nourish

We recently had an Impact Group travel to Haiti with Project Nourish. Take a look at the video highlighting their trip and some of the work that they accomplished!

You can also find this video on YouTube.

Some Needed Medical Attention


We are so pleased that husband and wife team Don & Lana decided to offer their medical skills to help out in Haiti! Lana consulted with us on how to proceed and to help to set up a procedure to implement on our recent trip. Don joined us in the field performing medical exams on the school students primarily, but also for several others. We now will be better able to monitor the students development using the data as a baseline to compare with future exams. We really appreciate the efforts which were complemented by other team members, Amanda, Abby, Maddy, Mei, & Justin and our Haitian helpers, Alexis, Ti-Carme, & Yvon,

After the kids were addressed, the administrators asked for check-ups too! It was such a blessing to see so many receive what would be otherwise unobtainable. We look forward to seeing this program continue to grow as we develop programs for issues that were revealed like vision impairment and others…


After the workdays at the school were finished, it was “have meds will travel” as we found villagers who needed attention; from fevers to cysts to tumors to throat pains to abrasions. What a blessing! I might add that a couple of team members were happy to receive some minor treatments too. And when Don got some abrasions the villagers were happy to reciprocate!


If you are, or know of, a medical professional that would like to offer those skills to a Third-world environment, please contact us here at Project Nourish.

Impact Group Trip Dec ’16…

picture1  picturea  picture3

What a great group we had for this trip!

There was a good mix of veterans and first timers, but everyone had a profitable experience! We had a list of priorities to accomplish starting with providing medical examinations to the school students. It was a lot of work but well worth the effort. We now have a baseline to compare with future exams to help evaluate growth and overall health.


We also had a building project to get done which was a success under the hot Haiti sun 🙂 The construction team was able to put a roof on our new depot as well as giving some building lessons to locals along the way. This building is important as we bring in goods and supplies for various programs.


There is so much to experience in visiting a different country with a different culture and language and life experiences. There is always a give and take of each others lives; we can often help address some issues of poverty and illness and so on but the Haitians often display a lifestyle of resilience; overcoming the seemingly unending barrage of adversity.

picture2      img_1240

Maybe you should consider joining us on an upcoming trip! 🙂

A grandmother’s prayer answered…


So I’m walking along the dirt road in a small village when I see a very sad grandmother holding a despondent child on her lap, kind of limp and lethargic. I had to turn and ask, “what’s the mater?” (in Haitian Creole, of course) She explained how the child was sick and had a fever, you could tell she would have traded places with the little girl if possible as she moved the wet compress across the girl’s forehead. I said, “I will pray for her” and began walking away… I couldn’t. Turning back I said, “I’ll pray for her now” and I did. A simple, heart-felt prayer asking God to touch this little girl. Then I walked away, continuing whatever it was I was going to do.

It was only a very short time later when I walked back by the spot where they were sitting and the little girl was already sitting up and alert! It was so cool and amazing to see! I spoke to the lady about it and she was now able to muster a smile. The next morning when I returned to the area, there she was standing there in the road with that cute little attitude showing in her face and posture!! That’s what you see in the picture, what a difference a prayer can make. Thank God that He is still answering our prayers…

Consider what you might do to impact these children’s lives 🙂

Lucy, Still Going Strong…

IMG_2741 IMG_2606

For over 30 years now Lucy Vanderhoof has been traveling to Haiti to work in the non-profit sector. For the past several years she has been volunteering with Project Nourish. Lucy loves ministering to the women and children most. Although she has mentioned that she’s “too old” to go back several times, it seems she’s often one of the first to enlist in the group trips. At 84 she’s still going strong and ready to join the action in an upcoming trip! “I’m not ready to give up”, Lucy says, “…I still have a great heart for Haiti.”

Seeing how excited she still gets talking about Haiti and knowing that she loves the people in Haiti, we anticipate having her on several more Impact Group trips in the future.       Keep it up, Lucy!!

Being there…

If you haven’t gone on an Impact Group trip consider this an encouragement to go! So many lasting relationships come from these trips. We have seen people grow up over the 30 years and our friendships have grown with them. Some folks have bonded on a trip and realized the impact of sponsorship so they became a sponsor and continue to correspond and develop meaningful friendships. Just making the effort to share what we’ve been blessed with whether it’s wealth or a skill or talent or simply being a friend has enduring benefits to each party involved.


Some can’t make such a trip for various reasons like health, finances, etc. there are still ways to “be there”.  One lady friend sponsored a child who grew up and now has her own child, now my friend is sponsoring the child! The mother (now) considers my friend as family. Although my friend is old and unable to travel, we have helped her to communicate through letters and apps like Skype. My friend Annie, who is in the Philippines, has helped by using her knowledge and skills to prepare necessary administrative documents which we email back and forth between her country and our PN office, tweaking as we go! Now, she has offered to use some of her assessment skills on site in Haiti and in the U.S. office. We are looking forward to her visiting our board, and traveling to Haiti with us, in September. We can all “be there”, we just gotta figure out how…

“freely you have received freely give”




Who Cares???

Some young folks in New England, that’s who!  It is so refreshing to see the giving, caring and interaction between the youth that we’ve taken on some of these trips.


Whether its in carrying sacks of rice or playing ball with a small child, it’s great to watch these guys & gals mixing up with new found friends!


From village to village sometimes it seems to only takes seconds for some chemistry to be sensed and bubbly excitement bursts out!


I have seen over and over the expressions on kids’ faces that tell of the joy they feel having someone come and care about them and want to spend time with them!


sometimes it’s in a lesson sometimes a song sometimes it’s a joke…but it’s all fun to watch and better to be a part of!!


Both the Haitian families and these American youth will look back on fond memories when reflecting on the special days spent together.


Caring and sharing go a long, long way…in all of our lives. How great it is to witness the giving hearts of these young folks from New England!

Installing The Doors…and more!

You know what?? it’s hot in Haiti! But in spite of that a team of guys on a recent Impact Group trip tirelessly installed some interior doors so there could be some privacy on this and future trips. Bob VanNatten from the Albany crew headed up the work and did an excellent job.


Under his leadership a whole lot was accomplished! It was just shy of a miracle making doors swing freely and close and latch given the walls they were working with along with the tools and materials available.


Pastor Justin of Solid Rock in Albany is seen above doing some quality control! We were blessed to have these guys. They didn’t hesitate to jump from carpentry to electrical to plumbing…and we didn’t hesitate to let them!!                    AWESOME JOB GUYS!

January Impact Group – What a trip!

What a trip! Really! This was a great group of people that were so helpful. So many projects got completed; some of which will benefit the following groups. For instance, the groups coming now will be able to enjoy a shower from the gravity fed system that was installed. That’s huge in this village with no running water or electricity! They were just good workers…period. There were lights and

Copy of Copy of DSCN1390

switches put in that run on the current provided by the generator. There doors and knobs installed in the rooms of our new addition to the group house. trenches were dug for drainage and boundary markers placed on the clinic property.


In all this there was still plenty of time given to the personal touch that goes so far in expressing our true concern for the well being of these Haitian families. Such a balance of hard work and gentleness! A special thanks to our friends at Solid Rock in Albany, NY and those at Life Spring in Worcester, MA. They made this a memorable trip and were truly an IMPACT GROUP!

Sponsor/Child Correspondence

We at Project Nourish love to be facilitators of the long distance relationships created through our sponsorship programs. As someone who enjoys several such relationships that have endured almost thirty years, I can attest that they can be long lasting too!

In this picture we see Lucy and Ti-Carme. This too is a long distance, long lasting relationship. Here they are working together on organizing data they gathered on the presently sponsored children and their families, as well as translating letters that the children have just written to their sponsors. We will carry the correspondence, between the American sponsors and the Haitian children, in and out of Haiti and hope each budding connection grows into a life changing, long term friendship like those that we have developed and hold so dear to our hearts.

It is such a blessing to be able to work hand in hand with our Haitian counterparts in helping affect change in Haiti. The board of Project Nourish is shared by both American and Haitian affiliates. We are pleased to have these relationships developing and making a difference in the world.

We truly look forward to experiencing more and more of these powerful, life changing connections for ourselves personally and for many of you, our friends…


Some of the very most appreciated gifts that we are able to give to our Haitian friends are shoes. Thanks to a donation of several pairs of little girls’ shoes, by a donor named Nichole, we were able to make some toddlers and parents very happy in providing them some nice shoes.

These pictures show a couple of little girls sporting new shoes! They both are at the stage where they’re just beginning to walk so it was fun to watch them in their newly learned skill and in their newly acquired shoes.

The picture on the right is of little Sofonie and her mom. You may recall some earlier posts regarding Sofonie’s health. The first was entitled, “A Thankful Mom” posted Jan. 12, 2011. The other, “Sofonie!” posted on March 26, 2011. She is getting so big! And she was in great health. We are so thankful to see her doing so well and to be in relationship with this precious family, and so many more.

Bringing in clothes and shoes is one aspect of the efforts of Project Nourish. Look for posts regarding schooling and health efforts, and others too. Remember, we welcome your comments and suggestions so please feel free to send along your thoughts!

Sponsors make a Difference!

On our most recent trip we were able to take care of the schooling expenses for our sponsored children. Making sure the kids are able to attend school is a rewarding experience for us, knowing the importance of a good education. Some of the tuitions were paid in full for the year, while for others we paid a two month installment. Although the majority of the kids attend school right in Cabois, a few attend school in a neighboring village.

The 1st picture above shows a boy writing correspondence to his beloved new sponsor! The families are so excited to learn of their getting a sponsor. Although this young boy was attending school, there were no payments received yet by the school. They were in need of a miracle…and they got it! The other picture is of a young girl, from another area, at a school that we visited. She is a good student who was writing notes in a notepad and looking on with another student into their textbook as her family couldn’t afford one for herself. After the class we spoke a bit and were able to make her day by purchasing a textbook of her own to help with her studies. When someone sponsors a child or is a general sponsor, live are changed by that selfless decision. Education, food, and clothes are some of the ways your support can effect change in the lives of these young people.

If you haven’t acted yet in sponsorship now is the time! We’d love to have you join our efforts in making much needed change in Haiti. 🙂

Most Recent Trip

We just went up to Cabois again this past week. We were able to bring some food to some families in need. And we also addressed the schooling issue for our sponsored children. It

is so meaningful to these families when their child gets sponsored and they find out that their tuition will be paid! That is part of the accomplishment of the low monthly sponsorship fees; a child can afford to go to school! 🙂

Michelove with a gift from her new “Mommy”

The picture above shows a young girl with gifts sent from her new sponsor. The whole family was excited! It is too difficult for her mother to pay for her children to go to school. Now, Michelove will be able to attend school and build and education that will help in her future success.

Jonas making friends…

Along with taking care of feeding the hungry and addressing tuition issues we took some time to get current photos of the children to pass along to their American families. It is so good to see the kids progressing and so rewarding to be a part of it! A big “thank you” to all of the sponsors…and all of you who are deciding to be!