More sponsored kids & happy parents!

We are excited to share the news that we continue to have generous people taking on the responsibility of sponsoring a child! The excitement is probably most evident in the moms as they are so thankful for what this means in the care of their children. The $25/mo. sponsorship pays the child’s school tuition, as well as taking care of their uniforms, books, and school supplies.

  Junalda is a very recently sponsored girl!

Of course, when the kids hear that they have a sponsor they are happy and excited. But, the parents, who often can’t provide a meal to their children for days at a time, hear the good news…they beam with joy! Struggling to survive and hoping the very best for their child, they now are overwhelmed to know their child’s primary education is being paid for, 5 meals per week, the necessary supplies and uniform as well! They can’t say thanks enough!


If you want to be a part of this exciting program that provides such essentials to these young students, visit; to choose a child to sponsor. It only takes a couple of minutes and you will change lives!

River Spring Lodge and the Hamers…

This month we had the first of a planned monthly fundraiser at the beautiful River Spring Lodge in Darien Center New York! Dave & Carolyn Hamer have graciously opened their lodge and their hearts to Project Nourish and our work with children in impoverished Haiti.

This event, besides being in an elegant venue, was successful in that ten percent of the annual target, for the school project, was reached. We at Project Nourish are so pleased with the benevolence already shown in the people of the Buffalo and Rochester regions of New York.


With the continued efforts here we will be covering the costs of a rural school in Haiti including students tuition, books, and uniforms as well as salaries for the staff and a feeding program for students and staff! We are so excited to be providing the much-needed education to these young lives…


Ormilien Metelus

Ormilien is one of the administrators and founders of the school where we are working in the village of Cabois. Like everyone else in Haiti, he came from a very poor family. His dream, when he was a boy, was to survive. He said he wanted to have some livestock and crops so that he will live. went to school but he did not finish high school because of poverty. He, along with his two friends are convinced that a person needs education to succeed. A school was needed in their community to educate their youth and to give them a brighter future. So without finishing high school and no formal training in education, Metelus and his friends started the school in Cabois in 2003.

He said, they first rented a house; it was very difficult. They had no money to pay for teachers and to buy supplies and equipment. But they just kept on going. They worked for four years with no pay, just to try to improve the children’s lives. Then they contributed to build a four-room school on land that they were renting. After the earthquake in 2010, an organization came to support the school.

Metelus and his friends have been running this school for more than 13 years; giving hope to the children in their village. His dream now is for all children to be able to go to school. There are still many challenges. Metelus and his friends work hard to keep this school running, they keep the tuition fees low so that the families can better afford it but many still cannot afford it. The teachers are teaching but some of the students are not paying attention because all they can think of is whether they are going to eat that day. Metelus said that some parents do not have food for their children for two or three days. We have been feeding all of the students and teachers in the school three times a week and are currently bumping that up to 5 times! Project Nourish has a child sponsor program that covers a child’s school expenses and more for $25/mo.


Thank God for pioneers like Ormilien! And for all of our BIG-hearted donors!!


Class time :)


PN believes in helping where we can with education. In several of the villages we assist the powers that be with the children’s schooling. Shown here are some pictures at a couple locations working with the kids. It’s really a pleasure as these kids are glad to be in school and happy to learn! We hope to continue building up what’s offered with some skills & livelihood training courses.

If you have any comments or suggestions along these lines by all means pass them along! (Or, maybe you have a livelihood skill that can be taught & you’d like to volunteer for an extended stay, Hmmmm… think about it)

Herve.jpg KidsSchool3

We’ve had the pleasure of watching kids grow up and graduate then continue on to find work and provide for their families. This, my friends, is fulfilling! If not already, you are cordially invited to be a part!  🙂

Sponsor/Child Correspondence

We at Project Nourish love to be facilitators of the long distance relationships created through our sponsorship programs. As someone who enjoys several such relationships that have endured almost thirty years, I can attest that they can be long lasting too!

In this picture we see Lucy and Ti-Carme. This too is a long distance, long lasting relationship. Here they are working together on organizing data they gathered on the presently sponsored children and their families, as well as translating letters that the children have just written to their sponsors. We will carry the correspondence, between the American sponsors and the Haitian children, in and out of Haiti and hope each budding connection grows into a life changing, long term friendship like those that we have developed and hold so dear to our hearts.

It is such a blessing to be able to work hand in hand with our Haitian counterparts in helping affect change in Haiti. The board of Project Nourish is shared by both American and Haitian affiliates. We are pleased to have these relationships developing and making a difference in the world.

We truly look forward to experiencing more and more of these powerful, life changing connections for ourselves personally and for many of you, our friends…


Some of the very most appreciated gifts that we are able to give to our Haitian friends are shoes. Thanks to a donation of several pairs of little girls’ shoes, by a donor named Nichole, we were able to make some toddlers and parents very happy in providing them some nice shoes.

These pictures show a couple of little girls sporting new shoes! They both are at the stage where they’re just beginning to walk so it was fun to watch them in their newly learned skill and in their newly acquired shoes.

The picture on the right is of little Sofonie and her mom. You may recall some earlier posts regarding Sofonie’s health. The first was entitled, “A Thankful Mom” posted Jan. 12, 2011. The other, “Sofonie!” posted on March 26, 2011. She is getting so big! And she was in great health. We are so thankful to see her doing so well and to be in relationship with this precious family, and so many more.

Bringing in clothes and shoes is one aspect of the efforts of Project Nourish. Look for posts regarding schooling and health efforts, and others too. Remember, we welcome your comments and suggestions so please feel free to send along your thoughts!

Sponsors make a Difference!

On our most recent trip we were able to take care of the schooling expenses for our sponsored children. Making sure the kids are able to attend school is a rewarding experience for us, knowing the importance of a good education. Some of the tuitions were paid in full for the year, while for others we paid a two month installment. Although the majority of the kids attend school right in Cabois, a few attend school in a neighboring village.

The 1st picture above shows a boy writing correspondence to his beloved new sponsor! The families are so excited to learn of their getting a sponsor. Although this young boy was attending school, there were no payments received yet by the school. They were in need of a miracle…and they got it! The other picture is of a young girl, from another area, at a school that we visited. She is a good student who was writing notes in a notepad and looking on with another student into their textbook as her family couldn’t afford one for herself. After the class we spoke a bit and were able to make her day by purchasing a textbook of her own to help with her studies. When someone sponsors a child or is a general sponsor, live are changed by that selfless decision. Education, food, and clothes are some of the ways your support can effect change in the lives of these young people.

If you haven’t acted yet in sponsorship now is the time! We’d love to have you join our efforts in making much needed change in Haiti. 🙂

Most Recent Trip

We just went up to Cabois again this past week. We were able to bring some food to some families in need. And we also addressed the schooling issue for our sponsored children. It

is so meaningful to these families when their child gets sponsored and they find out that their tuition will be paid! That is part of the accomplishment of the low monthly sponsorship fees; a child can afford to go to school! 🙂

Michelove with a gift from her new “Mommy”

The picture above shows a young girl with gifts sent from her new sponsor. The whole family was excited! It is too difficult for her mother to pay for her children to go to school. Now, Michelove will be able to attend school and build and education that will help in her future success.

Jonas making friends…

Along with taking care of feeding the hungry and addressing tuition issues we took some time to get current photos of the children to pass along to their American families. It is so good to see the kids progressing and so rewarding to be a part of it! A big “thank you” to all of the sponsors…and all of you who are deciding to be!

Sponsor Paks

We have many children who need sponsors to care for their schooling expenses as well as food and clothes. But that said, we are so thankful for those who have stepped up to sponsor several children.

Young girl holding on to her new gifts

When we take trips to Haiti we always have sponsors sending special gifts that we carry in and personally give to their sponsored children. The children often call these sponsors, Mom & Dad. It is a treat for Project Nourish to be a conduit of this compassionate endeavor. There are several orphans and other needy children whose lives are ready to be changed by someone’s unselfish commitment. As more of you become aware of the dire needs of the greater percentage of Haitian children, we hope you will become a sponsor too! 25 dollars a month is a small price to pay for education and feeding and clothing that we are able to get to the sponsored children. You can make a life changing difference!!

Another happy recipient of a care package!

Conduit for Sponsors

Karl translating a letter

One of the very cool things we get to do is bring in letters and gifts from sponsors. We try to take pictures for the sponsors so they can see that their benevolence reaches its target. But we get to be the conduit! It is fun to tell them about their sponsors and translate a letter or card or hand them a gift.

Pictured above I’m relaying a message to this young man about some funds that were sent for his mother’s business. Along with the funds were some wise business instructions to ensure a measure of success. We have participated in several business ventures to help families gain the ability to feed themselves in such a difficult economic environment. We have some other ventures in mind and welcome your input and suggestions.

Giving beans to a happy mom

We are so happy to be in the middle of such kindness and benevolence. We hope that you’ll be able to see it firsthand one day too!


Shanaika with her new doll and Natacha looking on…

We at Project Nourish will always hold a special place in our hearts for the sponsorship programs. So many long-term, fulfilling relationships have come from these programs. They have lead to international visits between families, business endeavors, and more! The little girl pictured above is shown holding a new doll she received from someone in the States. She wouldn’t let it go! Someone cared about her and showed it. Well you can also see, in the lower left of the picture, her mom happily looking on. The mom’s name is Natacha. She remembers when she was a little girl and someone cared for her and helped her along. Now, at thirty years old as she enjoys her own little girl, Natacha has a business selling food supplies, and a small house for her family to live in because a sponsor decided it was important to help her out. Now they have a relationship that has grown over a couple of decades! Who’d have thought that the decision to sponsor a child would lead to such a rich relationship?! Now there’s regular conversations enjoyed, visits to Natacha’s home, and friendships have been formed with her family and neighbors!

It starts with just knowing that someone needs your help; that the “poor” here are rich compared to what we see in Haiti, and doing something about it. Then you just follow your heart with a letter here and there, maybe a small token of love and care. Before you know it you’re talking about cultural issues, family matters, life concerns, and so on…you’ve made a friend! Of course some people join a group trip which allows for a face to face visit and the friendship blossoms.

Ok, this is funny…I just had a phone call and am now finishing this post. The call was from Natacha! She is excited to know that she will be seeing Jaclyn (my daughter) and I in a couple of days! That’s right…you guessed it…Natacha is “our little girl”. I hope you can enjoy a lasting relationship through sponsoring like my family has. You are making memories…make ‘em good!

P.S. there are other sponsor stories brewing… 🙂

Sponsored Children

Junior helping explain some medical instructions…               Doug and Marie

One of our Haitian team members, Junior has been instrumental in coordinating many of our initiatives in Haiti. He is tireless and pushes the team often to go a little further! Pictured on the above left we are giving instructions for treating one of the sponsored children up in Cabois. The lives of these children are greatly impacted by our sponsors! We are able to give them attention they’d otherwise not receive. And it’s also nice to be able to bring personal correspondence back and forth as well as pictures.

On this last trip, Doug Smith came along to help in the interim housing project. While he was working on one house he noticed a little girl and after observing her, sensed a particular need that she seemed to have. So, he has chosen to sponsor her! It is special to be able to make that bond in person; we’re glad for both of them! The two of them are pictured on the above right…

Delivering a sponsor’s care package

Project Nourish also has the privilege of hand delivering our sponsor’s care packages and gifts when they provide them. Pictured above this little girl, sponsored by Bert & Lucy of Sturbridge, MA, receives a carry bag loaded with great items including some hygiene items, school supplies, and some fun stuff! She was elated to receive this gift (“kado” in Creole). Of course the correspondence is so appreciated too. That personal contact and sharing of culture and family facts, etc… It’s so neat!

Our Sponsored Children in Houses!

Two recipient families in front of their new houses!

One of our key focuses is children whose future is so dependent on what our generation does now. Project Nourish is getting involved in several ways. Firstly, we’re providing food and pure water which is essential to life! Project Nourish is also happy to be building interim housing for families who have been displaced by the earthquake. We have a child sponsorship program that addresses the individual needs of these worthy children including enrollment in school and providing clothing. We are pleased to inform you that the families of our sponsored children are each living in one of these new interim houses! As the rainy season is beginning this becomes vital. It is not just a matter of comfort but can be a life and death issue because of the health ramifications.

There are so many families in need of housing to shelter them from the elements. This huge need is only compounded in the rainy season! Project Nourish is dedicated to providing the help we can to get as many families as possible into houses before the onset of the rainy season.

Bright Future

One of the most rewarding aspects of our work at Project Nourish is working with the children. They are so eager, happy, and receptive to our friendship. We offer sponsorship of orphans and other children which will afford them the ability to attend school, and provide them with food and clothing making a sincere impact on their young lives! We absolutely love being part of the mechanism that makes this happen.

We are rewarded by knowing that lives that were in despair are now embracing a bright future! To be part of that is just incredible! You may know exactly what we here at Project Nourish are enjoying being a part of…

Child Sponsorship Program

We are so blessed to be in a position to make a difference in many lives in Haiti. Among them is a special group of children. We know that our efforts are made possible by the people who join with us and support the cause. I want to recognize child sponsorship as an important part of what is being done at Project Nourish. This today we want to highlight Derek & Carolyn who have chosen to sponsor Jovanika, pictured below!

This choice will have a great impact on this child’s life in providing for schooling, and food on a regular basis, and meeting clothing needs. We really can’t know how great an impact this selfless act will have on this young girl and those around her!

We want to give a special thanks to those who support Project Nourish, and particularly today those who are committing to sponsoring a child! You make a difference!!