Renewed Life!

Just on lunch break, I noticed a red van drive past our eating spot heading to the local Filipino store that we occasionally shop at. The lettering on the van said the name of their organization which is working in the Philippines. My wife being a Filipina, and having been a few times, as well as being involved in some missions work there myself, we had to pop over and meet these folks to see what’s going on!

We met the founder, Bill and his wife, Ghing, along with her mom. What a great family! They are so dedicated to helping the poor in the Philippines by sharing the gospel, providing medical supplies and treatment, along with a feeding program and other efforts.

I was reminded of Psalm 41: 1; “Blessed is the one who considers the poor! In the day of trouble the LORD delivers him”

Bill’s generous spirit was overflowing as they were preparing boxes to ship and we spoke of shipping containers and providing medical treatment, etc.  He handed us a couple of items for us to send to our work in Haiti stating, “freely we receive, so freely we should give.”

It was such a blessing to meet these fine folks and we look forward to whatever may lie ahead in the relationship as we strive to renew distressed lives in the various regions of God’s earth!

Doing More Together…

A pastor friend from New York texted me and said, “we can do more working together with those that have the same heart; great strategic connections”. We agree! Project Nourish works on building alliances with other organizations, churches, businesses, etc. to accomplish more in the communities we serve. We just simply can’t be the best at everything, right? But if we team up, each specializing in a particular area of service, we can knock it out of the park!

Building_Continues3 Stretching the sheathing

For example, Project Nourish is working with an organization that builds schools to help with the teaching and scholarships. We collaborated with Samaritan’s Purse to build houses for many displaced families. There are many organizations  that are passionate about caring for the poor. Also, so many individuals have a ton to offer too. A husband & wife team, both nurses, are gathering medical supplies and volunteering to go administer care at our clinic. Pooling our resources make each of us way more effective; everybody wins. Especially the families we are aiming to help!


We’re all on the same team!

Thank You FDW!

File Jul 28, 7 08 15 PM

We have made several shipments of supplies to Haiti over the passed few months. These shipments are made possible in thanks to those who donate needed items, the volunteers who pack the boxes, the donors who help pay to ship the boxes, and the volunteers that drive the boxes to the container.  Thanks to Factory Discount Warehouse, we have been able to transport these goods in a nice truck. They donated the use of their box truck to drive these boxes to their shipping point.  Thank you FDW!

File Jul 28, 7 09 00 PM

Preparing a Shipment

Partnering with LifeSpring Missions, we at Project Nourish were able to prepare several boxes to ship to Haiti. The time and effort given by these volunteers is admirable and greatly appreciated.  Volunteers filled the boxes with generously donated shoes, clothes, medical supplies, and other important resources. This shipment will help us to continue making a positive impact in Haiti!

Filling some of the boxes
Sorting donations


Thank you, Standard Door Supply!

Thanks to the generosity of Bill and Peter of Standard Door Supply in allowing the use of a truck and driver, we were able to transport a large shipment of goods to NY for delivery to Haiti. The New England based company provided the truck from their Worcester, MA location which is in close proximity to our own location.

Thanks Standard Door!

The load includes over 100 cases of dehydrated beans which will be a great source of protein for many Haitian families living in abject poverty. Also included in the shipment are shoes, one of the most valued commodities, and clothes for all ages. Project Nourish gives some items to individuals and families for their personal use and some are used as a means of providing income through small family businesses. Your contributions do, in fact, change lives in these difficult regions.

From truck to container

If we each take responsibility to do a part we will accomplish great things! Please join the Project Nourish family in bringing hope and a brighter future to the less privileged…

Volunteer Shippers

Recently the staff at Project Nourish teamed up with local volunteers to pack boxes and prepare them for shipping to Haiti. We are so pleased to have these nice people donating their time in an effort that translates into changed lives in a Third World environment. We had over one hundred case of dehydrated beans, dozens of pairs of much needed shoes, boxes of clothes, etc.

Sorting and packing clothes

We still need to get this big load to our shipper in New York but we are one step closer. All of the efforts wouldn’t happen without the partnerships we have and the donations of time and funds to make it happen! If you have joined with us in our efforts to impact the less fortunate, “Thank you!” If you haven’t yet…we are asking you to do it now. Your part is so important and meaningful. I can tell you it is rewarding to both the giver and receiver!

Packing cases of beans

We look forward to hearing from you soon and, if you haven’t, are hoping you decide to partner with us in some form or another; general sponsorship, volunteering, child sponsorship, etc…

Shipment Time

At 5:30 AM Kenson and I left for New York and were able to make our connection and load our boxes into the container for shipment. The trip was good with little traffic being a Saturday morning. We’re thankful for the eventless trip knowing that in an instance hours could be added to the trip!

Unfortunately, I was so into the activities that I forgot to get pictures of loading the container! The gentleman told us that our goods should arrive in Haiti around December 12th to the 15th. That should give us time to deal with customs and retrieve it before our Impact Group arrives in the first part of January.

We have included a welder and other tools, as well as some merchandise which we plan to use to create some more businesses in the communities we are impacting. We still have needs for these types of items and are particularly looking for funding for more water purifiers and larger diesel generators. So far we have done some rewarding projects and are optimistic of even greater future projects!

Packing Boxes

We’ve been collecting items to ship for a while now and it’s time to make a shipment. Our good friend Kenson Joseph (Haitian) came up from Florida to help us with packing techniques and shipping connections.

We packed up some tools, a generator, bicycles, shoes, clothes, etc… Some is for our teams to work more effectively there and some is for disbursement to those in need. We have many pairs of shoes which are a constant need in Haiti. Many pairs of shoes have been sent already in preparation for our Impact Group trip in January.

Tomorrow morning we are off to New York to get the goods to the container for shipment within a couple of days…