Hurricane Matthew


Matthew, a category 4 storm has devastated areas in the western part of Haiti and left damage throughout the country. Death tolls are over 1000 with more likely to be reported as rescue workers are cut off from many areas due to mudslides, downed bridges, washed out roads, etc. Hundreds of thousands have lost their homes and possessions.

This devastation adds to the difficulties already existing in Haiti including recovering from the 2010 earthquake, a continuing drought since 2013, the instability of the government, and the battle with cholera which is feared to surge due to the massive flooding and its effects on water and sanitation infrastructure.

Project Nourish is distributing food, clothing, and medical supplies to people in some of the most affected areas as well as organizing a medical trip to help treat some of the fallout.

Haiti needs our help! Please Donate Now and help us bring relief to families affected by this devastation…


Drip, drip, drip…

Water is essential to life. Unfortunately, access to clean drinking water is lacking in many areas not only in Haiti, but around the world.  A few years ago, we were blessed to have partnered with Joe Hurston, of Air Mobile Ministries, and set up a water filtration system in Cabois, Haiti only mere months before the Cholera outbreak.  What seemed like a small project quickly became a life-saving project that impacted not only one village, but the surrounding villages as well. We are very thankful to have running water at our base, in addition to having a well installed on our site in Cabois.

Knowing that clean water is essential to life, please join us in bringing it to more people in more places… Please donate now!

Cholera and Fresh Water

With the recent outbreak of cholera in Haiti our water purifier became that much more important! So many people from neighboring communities came by for fresh drinking water…and we had it! It is so pleasing to have already been set up and be in a position to help these people! We still have to pay off this unit and want to purchase them as we can for other communities. We are hoping for some folks to come forward and push this very important project along!

Cholera causes vomiting, extreme diarrhea, and stomach pain. Rehydrating with clean water is key! We want to continue to make clean water available to communities so these types of events don’t happen!

Fresh Water…

I don’t want to be redundant…but…I have to talk to you a little more about the water purifier that we were able to bring to Cabois. They are simply elated to have this to use regularly. With clean water being essential for a healthy body this is an extremely important device. We want to be able to bring these to other areas as well…as funding allows. Maybe that’s where you come in?? 🙂

I just got off the phone with Haiti and our Haitian team member received another call from Cabois saying how very, very happy the people are to have clean water!! They have already called several time to thank us so I want to thank you, who help us, for making this project and others possible! I am so moved by this experience and glad to be a small part of it. We (you and us) are contributing to the health and well being of other people on an everyday basis! Now that feels real good!

I should mention that the shipment of shoes should be arriving in Haiti soon too. We have been collecting new, and nearly new, shoes to send on a continual basis as they are of great importance in this type of environment. We also have some more medical supplies coming in to our office for our next shipment. An associate at work gave me a box of hand sanitizers and when I told him I wanted to send some to Haiti he informed me that he had another 10 boxes that he’d donate! There might be a lesson here…”it might not be what you have but who you know!”

Water Purifier!

The purifier was well received in Cabois! Our friends were so happy to have their family and friends able to drink pure water!! They have been going down the mountain quite a ways to the closest well and carrying back water in their buckets. There is a river nearby but the water is mostly very muddy and therefore they choose not to drink it. There is still the concern for bacteria and such from all the water sources. Well…with the system we brought in they can be confident to be drinking healthy water from either source after running it through the purifier.
Here we show water that was taken from the muddy river and the picture on the right shows the same water coming out of the water purifier! Wow… what a marvelous difference. Of course the greater part is what is not seen as this remarkable unit purifies water through seven filtration stages. We are so happy for this and for the help from Joe Hurston to make this possible on this trip.

We demonstrated the setup yesterday and today had the Haitian team go through the process themselves making sure they understood it all. It went great and they continue to thank us over and over again. So thank you all who have contributed to our efforts! God bless you!

Our little Generator…

We were able to carry in a little generator since it was under the fifty pound limit imposed by the airlines. It’s a tiny little thing as generators go but it has already been found useful on its arrival. The airlines had sent it to JFK by mistake so it didn’t make it to P-A-P with us; we had to send someone to retrieve it when it finally made it. As the electricity is not on all the time where we have our house/office a generator is quite helpful.|
In Cabois there is no electricity so we’d really like to get a nice, big, diesel generator up there to help out with our efforts. This is also a need in many other locations that we are working in. If you are, or know of, a donor who would like to help in acquiring one please let us know!  We used the little one to operate the new water purifier on the today. We will purchase a battery which can be charged with the generator and run the purifier for a couple of days. This will save money by minimizing the need to purchase gasoline, which is very expensive.

Last Minute Arrival!

Wow… talk about last minute… We leave around 5:15 AM tomorrow and the package from Joe Hurston (Air Mobile Ministries) just arrived! This water purifier is a big portion of our trip tomorrow…bringing fresh water to the village of Cabois! We are so excited about this project, as having good drinking water is vital to good health. This thing will produce 30 gallons an hour of clean, pure drinking water.

What a blessing this will be to our friends up on the mountain as they will be able to say “goodbye” to diarrhea and other health concerns that are waterborne.  It will be a big moment to present this to them and we’ll be sure to try and capture it on film for you!

We are giving up precious packing space and weight for this because it is extremely important. We expect to hear good reports of the effects of having this in place in their community!

Thank you, Joe for making this happen in a timely fashion!