Some of the very most appreciated gifts that we are able to give to our Haitian friends are shoes. Thanks to a donation of several pairs of little girls’ shoes, by a donor named Nichole, we were able to make some toddlers and parents very happy in providing them some nice shoes.

These pictures show a couple of little girls sporting new shoes! They both are at the stage where they’re just beginning to walk so it was fun to watch them in their newly learned skill and in their newly acquired shoes.

The picture on the right is of little Sofonie and her mom. You may recall some earlier posts regarding Sofonie’s health. The first was entitled, “A Thankful Mom” posted Jan. 12, 2011. The other, “Sofonie!” posted on March 26, 2011. She is getting so big! And she was in great health. We are so thankful to see her doing so well and to be in relationship with this precious family, and so many more.

Bringing in clothes and shoes is one aspect of the efforts of Project Nourish. Look for posts regarding schooling and health efforts, and others too. Remember, we welcome your comments and suggestions so please feel free to send along your thoughts!


A shelf full of shoes ready for distribution…

Project Nourish was so happy to distribute lots of shoes to families recently. This is one of the most appreciated gifts that we bring in on our trips. I remember the first time that I went to Haiti about 30 years ago. I was sitting on our luggage bags in the back of a pickup truck getting ready to leave Port Au Prince. There were several kids interested in who we were  and what we were doing. One particular little boy was very intently looking at me asking me something several times over. I didn’t understand so I had someone interpret for me. He was asking what I was going to do with my sneakers when I left Haiti! I had barely gotten there and someone was trying to lay claim to my shoes! It is still a frequent question! The terrain demands good shoes and it can quickly destroy them too!

New and slightly used shoes are something that we like to bring in to the country and it is something that meets an immediate need. All kinds; dress shoes, work shoes, sneakers, sandals…they need them all. Feel free to have a shoe drive and send us lots of good shoes and we’ll get them to people who really need them.

If you join us on a trip be prepared to leave a pair or two behind with someone who you find could use them. I guarantee they will not forget you…or the shoes!


Shoes, shoes, shoes! It’s a big need in Haiti. We’ve collected, and are continuing to collect shoes to bring into Haiti. Between the amount of walking and the rough terrain shoes are in constant demand.

We sent a shipment of new, and near new, shoes out several weeks ago and have learned that it just arrived at the port. We haven’t actually got our hands on them yet as they’re somewhere on a container with all the other items being sifted through! We’ll have to update you when we have them in hand.

These will be such a blessing to the recipients…believe me! And again, it feels great to pass these along to those in need but it is also difficult to see a greater demand than the supply. But we will continue with the shoe drive and help as many as we can, as soon as we can! We also have sent along some soccer cleats which have been a big hit. During our last trip we were able to take in an inter-village soccer match which was an exciting and enjoyable time.