3 Villages, 225 Shelters

Framing a shelter

Hey everyone! Well this shelter project got bigger than we expected seeing that we couldn’t say no to people who have been living in tents for fifteen months. The earthquake in January 2010 has left 1.5 million people homeless in Haiti. Project Nourish has been trying to make a difference in these families’ lives. One way is providing interim housing through our partnership with Samaritan’s Purse. We have built two hundred twenty-five houses throughout three villages, virtually doubling our original intention. We have seen such happiness from the recipients and are extremely happy to be doing this project. We do need some financial help to complete the project but have confidence that people like you will see it through to completion!

It is an amazing experience to see people singing and dancing over receiving a new house to live in after being without one for so long. It’s hard to imagine living in make-shift tents for such a long time. We are so thankful for the generosity of our donors. The US is a very giving country…please keep up your generosity; it is making a big difference. YOU make our world better!

Better Living Conditions

Houses along the road

Fifteen months after the earthquake and multitudes of families are still living in make-shift tents all over the country side of Haiti. It’s hard to imagine from our comfortable homes here in the States but seeing it firsthand really brings it home. A stick, a piece of plastic, a sheet of tin, whatever looks like it will provide a little protection from the elements is used by these homeless in an attempt to survive the sunny days, cool nights, and rain.

We have been so blessed to have completed the construction of one hundred fifty shelters and still going. There is such a heartwarming appreciation from the beneficiaries. They say, “thank you” and, “God bless you” and sometimes they sing songs of joy, it’s a sight to behold! We are thrilled to be a piece of the proverbial puzzle.

One of the shelters being built

The new units are a vast improvement over the tents these families have been in for over a year! Please pray for the ability to do more…



Sophonie and her mom…                               Enjoying Sofonie’s company!

I was driving away from the village and I heard someone yell out to me. I turned to see our friend motioning me to stop. So I pulled to the side of the bumpy dirt road and waited while this woman excitedly ran to the truck. It was the mom we spoke of in a previous post who had a sick little baby girl (see https://www.projectnourish.org/blog/?p=323 ).  We had visited a few times during the week and she knew we’d be leaving soon. As she approached I saw that she was holding a paper in her hand. She handed it to me…on it was written the name of her little girl. It was so touching that she wanted me to have it as she passed it to me with a big smile. The picture on the above left was taken from behind the steering wheel as she stood outside the car door.  The picture on the right is in their house…oh…I should say their NEW house! Yes, we were able to make her a recipient of one of the new houses! Project Nourish is so pleased to have been able to provide this family a shelter from the elements!

This week we also brought some infant cereal for her and some other babies as well. This will provide a little temporary nourishment vital for survival. We were also able to pass along some infant clothing and shoes. We are so appreciative to pass along these blessings that someone so generously donated. Maybe you’ll be the hands passing things like this out on one of our trips in the near future!

Sofonie’s happy mom handed me this!

Productive Trip!

We are finishing our75th unit this week!      A family’s tent in front and our units in back…

We had a great trip. Lots of good things were accomplished! Project Nourish is happy to be completing seventy five interim houses now, and will be continuing promptly on building more! The partnership has been going along quite well. The many recipient families are elated to be sleeping in a structure rather than the tents they’ve been in for over a year!! Joining me on this trip was Doug Smith and my son Jimmy. After completion of the 50th unit we got the required paper work done and proceeded to pick up 25 more units and continued building without delay! We hope to have funds for this to happen again at least a couple of times before the program is scheduled to end in a few weeks. For $2000 we can get 25 families in these structures just as the rainy season begins. Some of the units are housing 6 & 7 people!

They are only 12’ x 12’ units but they are 7’ high and are much more spacious than the tents since there isn’t the sloping roof that a tent has. And the units include two full length shelves and a double bed frame to receive a mattress if the recipients have one.

Also during our stay we were able to get some rice up to the mountain village as well as some clothing and shoes. You can’t imagine how important new shoes are to our friends here. We just simply have to get more shoes to bring over! Lots and lots of shoes!! I’ll tell you the overall terrain in Haiti wreaks havoc on shoes and up here in the mountain it’s especially tough on them.

A shelf full of shoes!                                  What one family is leaving behind!

We are pressing forward and hope to get a whole lot more accomplished in the coming days and weeks! Project Nourish is constantly working to establish relationships to help with food products, housing, education, community help buildings, medical supplies, administration costs, etc. We are excitedly looking towards our next trip where we can continue to touch the lives of more families in this impoverished nation.  We are working primarily in Cabois right now but also several other villages in the Leogane region.

I hope this helps give you a better glimpse into our efforts in Haiti.

More Homes and a Meal…

Building the frame

The second phase of the interim homes building project is well under way with ten more houses built and more units being delivered. We will get as many built as we are able.

Project Nourish has also been able to get some more food up to the mountain to help address the hunger that we see there. I am excited to be returning to Haiti with a couple of guys on Wednesday! We plan to keep the building project going and assess some other issues including education, feeding, medical needs, and the like.

Stretching the sheathing

A meal for today…

On one hand, we are always pleased to see the progress that is being made. On the other, it is difficult to see the immense need all around. As I told a friend recently regarding our feeding programs; “they keep coming and coming and we all want to do so much more. We never run out of need…we just run out of rice.”

Phase Two Begins

Happy mother and her three children with a roof over their heads!

Project Nourish is so pleased to announce that we have already begun phase two! The transportation of the next 25 housing units is scheduled to begin tomorrow.  Building will commence immediately in an effort to beat the coming rainy season. A very generous contributor understands the important need we all have of shelter and has provided funds for transportation of the units up the mountain! So we will continue on with shipping another twenty five units. Then we’ll begin construction as soon as we can reassemble the construction crew. It’s a walk of faith I must say. We are blessed to be conduits of others compassion and benevolence!

I will be returning to Haiti, to help out in the construction process, on Wednesday. I’ll have a couple of men joining me and we hope to accomplish a lot during our stay. The units have a double bed framed in, as well as a shelf system. They have a metal corrugated roof and a rain barrel. This project truly improves the quality of life for the recipients.

Phase One complete

New house recipient mother and child. Notice built-in shelving

Phase one is complete! You’ll be happy to know that twenty five houses have been completed up in our mountain village. It is humbling to realize that Project Nourish has been able, with the help of many, to provide housing to twenty five families! As you may know we are planning on building as many as we can get funding for, and we want to complete as many as possible before the rainy season which is so important for these families.

We have heard the very thankful expressions of the recipients and it is absolutely heartwarming! Of course we also have received numerous requests from families in need of shelter. We are not sure how many we’ll be able to build but we would love to meet the need of all the families that have been displaced. Hopefully a phase two will be under way very soon!

Thank you all for your interest and concern in this very important project.

Our Sponsored Children in Houses!

Two recipient families in front of their new houses!

One of our key focuses is children whose future is so dependent on what our generation does now. Project Nourish is getting involved in several ways. Firstly, we’re providing food and pure water which is essential to life! Project Nourish is also happy to be building interim housing for families who have been displaced by the earthquake. We have a child sponsorship program that addresses the individual needs of these worthy children including enrollment in school and providing clothing. We are pleased to inform you that the families of our sponsored children are each living in one of these new interim houses! As the rainy season is beginning this becomes vital. It is not just a matter of comfort but can be a life and death issue because of the health ramifications.

There are so many families in need of housing to shelter them from the elements. This huge need is only compounded in the rainy season! Project Nourish is dedicated to providing the help we can to get as many families as possible into houses before the onset of the rainy season.

Building Continues!

Unloading building components

The building continues! The road to Cabois is difficult but very rewarding these days. The build team is getting a good workout! Even though its hard work there is certainly a sense of excitement as Project Nourish continues to bring the kits up the mountain and turn them into homes for these deserving families! If you are one of our contributors just take a moment and enjoy being an important part of this. Look at the pictures and know that you are there too! To the others of you, what are you waiting for? Get in the picture! 🙂 we need you.

Our foreman, Junior with a very thankful recipient of this housing project and with part of the team framing another house! Thank you, God!

Building Begins!

Left to right: Mark, Bob, Karl, Junior, Mike, Yves (SP).

House being built in Cabois!

We are happy to announce that Project Nourish has begun building the interim housing. Thank God for this progress! The building started on Thursday when one unit was constructed. Yesterday three were built and today five were built. That gives us a total of nine as of today. So halfway through next week we should complete this phase of the project.

So many of us take housing for granted, but not these families. They are SO happy and appreciative of this provision.  The small houses have a double bed framed into it as well as a shelf system. It also includes a gutter & rain barrel! They are such a blessing to these families.

We are so grateful for Bob Carpenter heading up this project for us. Hopefully we’ll complete this and move right into the next phase which would be either more interim houses or one of our community care buildings.

We are really in need of financial support for this endeavor but at the same time we are trusting to receive it! We need help with funding for transportation and labor, both of which are providing income for Haitian workers! Please help us if you can with this important project. Remember, if you have some way to help us affect the change that is needed we’d love to hear from you! Just reply to this post with your ideas.

The needs in Haiti are so real. Being part of the solution is what we want…second to there not being a problem to solve! That will be a great day!

Housing Hopes!

Project Nourish is in the process of attempting to provide interim homes, through a partnership with Samaritan’s Purse, for those who have been displaced due to the earthquake. There are always obstacles but there is more perseverance to overcome them! Actually getting the units, transporting them, constructing them, and the financing that it takes to accomplish these items are some of the particular obstacles in this project. But can you imagine the happiness and quality of life change to go from a make-shift tent to a structure that can provide real protection from the elements? Wow are we excited to be doing this!!

We are getting the training in place and the administration to make this a “go”. Phase one will hopefully begin this month. Then we hope to follow up with another phase. The more we can build the better. Whatever relief we can provide is another step in the right direction! We always want and need your help so please don’t hold back now. Oh yeah, have you been thinking of joining an Impact Group trip?? Just wondering…  🙂


We had the great pleasure of meeting a man named, Yves working for Samaritan’s Purse. He was the sweetest guy you’d ever want to meet. Long story short…he gave us contact information and helped set up our partnering with SP to provide some interim housing for some of our people displaced by the earthquake. What a Godsend! We’ve completed the paperwork, went through the necessary training and are preparing for the construction phase. We’re anticipating some very happy beneficiaries!! We need some funding for labor and transportation to make this happen. We’re hoping and expecting an answer to come from you…our kind friends and caring souls.

We have here some pictures of our meeting with Yves at the construction compound and of the type of structures being offered to provide shelter during this interim time of great need.

We hope you can join us in helping us make this become a reality! What a journey we’re on where we can see others in need and treat them like we would want to be treated if it were our turn. We are all partners in this thing called life…