Renewed Life!

Just on lunch break, I noticed a red van drive past our eating spot heading to the local Filipino store that we occasionally shop at. The lettering on the van said the name of their organization which is working in the Philippines. My wife being a Filipina, and having been a few times, as well as being involved in some missions work there myself, we had to pop over and meet these folks to see what’s going on!

We met the founder, Bill and his wife, Ghing, along with her mom. What a great family! They are so dedicated to helping the poor in the Philippines by sharing the gospel, providing medical supplies and treatment, along with a feeding program and other efforts.

I was reminded of Psalm 41: 1; “Blessed is the one who considers the poor! In the day of trouble the LORD delivers him”

Bill’s generous spirit was overflowing as they were preparing boxes to ship and we spoke of shipping containers and providing medical treatment, etc.  He handed us a couple of items for us to send to our work in Haiti stating, “freely we receive, so freely we should give.”

It was such a blessing to meet these fine folks and we look forward to whatever may lie ahead in the relationship as we strive to renew distressed lives in the various regions of God’s earth!

More sponsored kids & happy parents!

We are excited to share the news that we continue to have generous people taking on the responsibility of sponsoring a child! The excitement is probably most evident in the moms as they are so thankful for what this means in the care of their children. The $25/mo. sponsorship pays the child’s school tuition, as well as taking care of their uniforms, books, and school supplies.

  Junalda is a very recently sponsored girl!

Of course, when the kids hear that they have a sponsor they are happy and excited. But, the parents, who often can’t provide a meal to their children for days at a time, hear the good news…they beam with joy! Struggling to survive and hoping the very best for their child, they now are overwhelmed to know their child’s primary education is being paid for, 5 meals per week, the necessary supplies and uniform as well! They can’t say thanks enough!


If you want to be a part of this exciting program that provides such essentials to these young students, visit; to choose a child to sponsor. It only takes a couple of minutes and you will change lives!

River Spring Lodge and the Hamers…

This month we had the first of a planned monthly fundraiser at the beautiful River Spring Lodge in Darien Center New York! Dave & Carolyn Hamer have graciously opened their lodge and their hearts to Project Nourish and our work with children in impoverished Haiti.

This event, besides being in an elegant venue, was successful in that ten percent of the annual target, for the school project, was reached. We at Project Nourish are so pleased with the benevolence already shown in the people of the Buffalo and Rochester regions of New York.


With the continued efforts here we will be covering the costs of a rural school in Haiti including students tuition, books, and uniforms as well as salaries for the staff and a feeding program for students and staff! We are so excited to be providing the much-needed education to these young lives…


Meet Ginalda…


The school feeding program is yielding such great results! One of these students who are fortunate to go to school and be part of our feeding program is 12 year old Ginalda Frazier.

Her parents grow vegetables and raise goats for their livelihood. Money doesn’t come in regularly for their family, but Ginalda’s parents, Claude and Gina work hard to take care of Ginalda and her little sister.


According to her teacher, Ginalda is one of the top students in her class. Ginalda’s favorite subject is Math. She is very joyful and optimistic. She dreams of becoming a nurse someday.

Like the other students in her class, Ginalda’s life is not easy, but they all hope for a bright future, they all have dreams that they want to reach.picture5

One Child’s Story…

Project Nourish is dedicated to helping children through health and education. One of the students that we are helping is 11 year old Falone Louis Jacqold. She is in third grade.  According to her teacher, Falone used to be weak and sickly and she was often absent. When she was present she would fall asleep in class.

Falone’s mother single-handedly takes care of her. She performs all the household chores and looks for money to provide for her family. But her mother does not have a regular income. She usually sells something like fruit. According to Falone’s mother, the biggest problem she has is how to provide food for her family.


Falone’s teacher said that because of the meals that she receives in school, the child has changed. She is cheerful and active in class. There is no sign of tiredness or frailty. She is always smiling and has more confidence. He teacher also said that she likes to sing and she always shows off her talent!

Falone’s mom sends her thanks to those who are helping her child. She says, “Thank you for everything you do for me. God bless you.”

Feeding Program


It’s sometimes hard for us to realize what its like to be starving. But its not so difficult for Haitians to understand completely. We constantly are confronted with the issue of hunger in our work in Haiti. Recently we launched a feeding program that provides a meal, at school, three times a week. It’s awesome to see these kids so happy to fill their stomachs with a nutritious meal! After that they are able to concentrate on their class work unlike the lethargic stares of malnourished bodies and brains… These types of programs are so beneficial to the children; not only for physical health but also for academic achievement and attendance!

img_4306  img_4307

We are so grateful for those of you who contribute to this vital effort for the children of Haiti and their families and teachers. Ultra poor families are so happy to know their children are eating meals that their are unable to provide. Those who prepare and those who teach also partake of the meals. the atmosphere is charged with appreciation and thanks. We are confident that, with your help, we’ll be able to expand the program to more of our service locations soon and more families will benefit from simple, yet necessary, healthy meals.


We are so blessed in the U.S. and it’s our responsibility to share the blessings with the less fortunate. Please go to the ‘Donate’ page OR “Click” the ‘Donate’ button on the bottom of the home page to contribute to this worthy cause. God bless you!

More beans…more smiles!

We told you before how that Dave & Carolyn donated 20 cases of dehydrated beans. Well the families in the mountain village of Cabois just seem to really love them. We keep packing our suitcases full of these bags of beans and carrying them up the mountain to distribute. There’s a whole lot of excitement for them as we open up the vehicle and reveal the stash!

Now they’ve just donated 100 more cases! We, and the families in Cabois, are so thankful.  Our rough math indicated that it is enough to feed each person in the whole village thirteen times. Wow! Thank you Dave & Carolyn, we love you and your great big hearts!!

We now need some help with the expenses to ship these over to Haiti so we can bring some more nourishment to the families in this mountain village. You can be sure there will be a lot of excitement when they see us passing out this new favorite of theirs! A big part of the beauty of these is the simplicity of preparation. For each bag you just boil a half a gallon of water and mix in the beans; they’re all flavored and ready to go! And, I might add that they’re tasty too.

Santiago Beans

On a recent trip we brought some more beans, donated by our friends Dave & Carolyn, to Cabois. These are a real great thing for the families we are serving. They are dehydrated refried beans. All that’s needed is to add some boiled water and they have tasty treat to enjoy with some rice that provides a source of protein that is vital.

Dave & Carolyn have now purchased 100 more cases to help feed the village of Cabois! We are anxious to be able to bring this product up to the mountain and see the joyful faces as they receive some substantial and tasty nutrition!

Haiti is in such need of food, shelter, and clothing; the very basic necessities of life. The poverty and hunger that must be faced every day is incredible. It takes remarkable resilience to endure the obstacles.

Project Nourish is so thankful for people, like this hard working couple, who find a way to impact a hundreds of people from their contribution. The photos show a couple of very grateful recipients that were excited to take these home and get a bowl full of great food with their families!

Dehydrated Beans

Preparing the first helping of beans

Our good friends Dave and Carolyn sent us some beans to give out in Cabois. Of course I had to try them…right? I never used to be much of a beans guy but after spending lots of time in the third world environment I’m quite used to a meal including rice and beans. I must say, I really enjoyed it! Of course it was extra enjoyable knowing that we’re bringing in nutrition to needing families as well. Everyone we shared these with seemed to love them! Thank God for this provision.

Sharing with a friend (you can sponsor a child too!)

We are hoping to send in one hundred cases soon. They are a great means of protein and only require adding boiling water! All the flavoring is in the mix already, even I can do it!!

Feeding the hungry…

Hopeful hearts…

Unfortunately, hunger is still a very real fact of life in many parts of the world and it is here in Haiti. We still see signs of malnutrition reminding us of the inequity remaining in the world. Project Nourish has some long term hopes of establishing a model of self sufficiency and reproducing it in other needing communities.

In the mean time there are hungry stomachs to fill and we are providing food in the form of rice and other staples. You might think that we shouldn’t have hunger issues in the world by now, but the truth is we do! We know that there have to be long term solutions and we are working on collaborations to address that. But we are also aware that there is an immediate need of a meal that can’t wait for a long term plan to come to fruition. A hungry child needs food…now! We are in the process of another feeding program, today, that will bring food to hungry families. We wish that we could provide for the whole country and other hunger driven communities of the world but we are committed to reaching those that we are able to. As the means come in, we’ll convert it to food, shelter, and clothing! That’s a promise!

I’ve got to say it has been amazing to be a part of this effort. Seeing what initially seems impossible come into reality…wow! Project Nourish has been blessed to see men, women and children receive clothing, food, and now housing that they would not have had otherwise. It can almost be overwhelming sometimes to step back and realize what has been, and is being accomplished! We are so looking forward to bigger and better things being accomplished in the very near future!

Feeding Program – Ti-Brache

We conducted a feeding program today in Ti-Brache. I had mixed emotions during, and after, the event. On one hand it was very gratifying to pass along some food that will help nourish several families for some amount of time. On the other hand, it just never seems that there’s enough! I had to walk away to hide my tears realizing we simply could not feed everyone in the village. We had to drive away quickly or people would continue to come hoping to receive from us after our supply ran out! We can only do what we have provision for… Thank God for what was accomplished! We’ll keep pressing on and trusting in the Divine Providence.

This particular group of people is not getting the much needed attention they deserve. A local pastor informed us of their plight and asked if we’d be able to help. We quickly responded with our team and what a welcome we got! They were so happy to receive food for their families! Please remember these folks in your prayers…