Renewed Life!

Just on lunch break, I noticed a red van drive past our eating spot heading to the local Filipino store that we occasionally shop at. The lettering on the van said the name of their organization which is working in the Philippines. My wife being a Filipina, and having been a few times, as well as being involved in some missions work there myself, we had to pop over and meet these folks to see what’s going on!

We met the founder, Bill and his wife, Ghing, along with her mom. What a great family! They are so dedicated to helping the poor in the Philippines by sharing the gospel, providing medical supplies and treatment, along with a feeding program and other efforts.

I was reminded of Psalm 41: 1; “Blessed is the one who considers the poor! In the day of trouble the LORD delivers him”

Bill’s generous spirit was overflowing as they were preparing boxes to ship and we spoke of shipping containers and providing medical treatment, etc.  He handed us a couple of items for us to send to our work in Haiti stating, “freely we receive, so freely we should give.”

It was such a blessing to meet these fine folks and we look forward to whatever may lie ahead in the relationship as we strive to renew distressed lives in the various regions of God’s earth!

Thank you, DoubleDouble!

Recently, DoubleDouble ran a social media campaign with their sights set on donating some cups to organizations. Project Nourish was nominated, by our friend Nichole, to be a recipient and was chosen!

These are a reusable, plant-based, biodegradable, bamboo cups. These 8oz., breakproof cups are perfect for use in our schools in Haiti. With no plastic used, they won’t add to the existing problem we see so prominent in the country, with plastic strewn everywhere. Haiti suffers from severe sanitation issues and is littered with plastics throughout the country, which leach harmful chemicals into the water supplies. These cups will not only fill a need, but when their life span is reached, they can safely be returned to the earth from which they came!


The timing is great, as we have begun to increase our focus on the school and the feeding program. We have been working with Helen of DoubleDouble for over a month now to make this happen… and it has!

We will be posting on social media about this, and provide updates on Facebook as the cups make their way along their journey!

Paradigm Foundation

Thank God for Tim & Jen!

It was an absolute pleasure to have Tim and Jen of Paradigm Foundation visit our work in Haiti! They brought so much energy and love to the people we are working with. The kids at school certainly warmed up to them instantly! Hopefully, Haiti is in their blood now…like it is ours! Actually, Tim’s grandfather was a missionary in Haiti years ago working in an orphanage so I guess it is in the blood 🙂


Paradigm has been building houses in the Dominican Republic. Their houses have been designed to address the needs there while taking into consideration efficiency and building healthy structures.

We are prayerfully considering the potential for partnering on some efforts in the struggling country of Haiti. It would be an honor to work together to address some of the necessary building needs, which include residential and community structures. Please add this consideration to your prayer list!

Don’t they look soooo comfortable in this special place on God’s earth?!


(We’re hoping for your quick return, guys!!)

River Spring Lodge and the Hamers…

This month we had the first of a planned monthly fundraiser at the beautiful River Spring Lodge in Darien Center New York! Dave & Carolyn Hamer have graciously opened their lodge and their hearts to Project Nourish and our work with children in impoverished Haiti.

This event, besides being in an elegant venue, was successful in that ten percent of the annual target, for the school project, was reached. We at Project Nourish are so pleased with the benevolence already shown in the people of the Buffalo and Rochester regions of New York.


With the continued efforts here we will be covering the costs of a rural school in Haiti including students tuition, books, and uniforms as well as salaries for the staff and a feeding program for students and staff! We are so excited to be providing the much-needed education to these young lives…


Video – Impact Group Trip with Project Nourish

We recently had an Impact Group travel to Haiti with Project Nourish. Take a look at the video highlighting their trip and some of the work that they accomplished!

You can also find this video on YouTube.

Doing More Together…

A pastor friend from New York texted me and said, “we can do more working together with those that have the same heart; great strategic connections”. We agree! Project Nourish works on building alliances with other organizations, churches, businesses, etc. to accomplish more in the communities we serve. We just simply can’t be the best at everything, right? But if we team up, each specializing in a particular area of service, we can knock it out of the park!

Building_Continues3 Stretching the sheathing

For example, Project Nourish is working with an organization that builds schools to help with the teaching and scholarships. We collaborated with Samaritan’s Purse to build houses for many displaced families. There are many organizations  that are passionate about caring for the poor. Also, so many individuals have a ton to offer too. A husband & wife team, both nurses, are gathering medical supplies and volunteering to go administer care at our clinic. Pooling our resources make each of us way more effective; everybody wins. Especially the families we are aiming to help!


We’re all on the same team!

Thank You FDW!

File Jul 28, 7 08 15 PM

We have made several shipments of supplies to Haiti over the passed few months. These shipments are made possible in thanks to those who donate needed items, the volunteers who pack the boxes, the donors who help pay to ship the boxes, and the volunteers that drive the boxes to the container.  Thanks to Factory Discount Warehouse, we have been able to transport these goods in a nice truck. They donated the use of their box truck to drive these boxes to their shipping point.  Thank you FDW!

File Jul 28, 7 09 00 PM

Drip, drip, drip…

Water is essential to life. Unfortunately, access to clean drinking water is lacking in many areas not only in Haiti, but around the world.  A few years ago, we were blessed to have partnered with Joe Hurston, of Air Mobile Ministries, and set up a water filtration system in Cabois, Haiti only mere months before the Cholera outbreak.  What seemed like a small project quickly became a life-saving project that impacted not only one village, but the surrounding villages as well. We are very thankful to have running water at our base, in addition to having a well installed on our site in Cabois.

Knowing that clean water is essential to life, please join us in bringing it to more people in more places… Please donate now!

Preparing a Shipment

Partnering with LifeSpring Missions, we at Project Nourish were able to prepare several boxes to ship to Haiti. The time and effort given by these volunteers is admirable and greatly appreciated.  Volunteers filled the boxes with generously donated shoes, clothes, medical supplies, and other important resources. This shipment will help us to continue making a positive impact in Haiti!

Filling some of the boxes
Sorting donations


Volunteer Shippers

Recently the staff at Project Nourish teamed up with local volunteers to pack boxes and prepare them for shipping to Haiti. We are so pleased to have these nice people donating their time in an effort that translates into changed lives in a Third World environment. We had over one hundred case of dehydrated beans, dozens of pairs of much needed shoes, boxes of clothes, etc.

Sorting and packing clothes

We still need to get this big load to our shipper in New York but we are one step closer. All of the efforts wouldn’t happen without the partnerships we have and the donations of time and funds to make it happen! If you have joined with us in our efforts to impact the less fortunate, “Thank you!” If you haven’t yet…we are asking you to do it now. Your part is so important and meaningful. I can tell you it is rewarding to both the giver and receiver!

Packing cases of beans

We look forward to hearing from you soon and, if you haven’t, are hoping you decide to partner with us in some form or another; general sponsorship, volunteering, child sponsorship, etc…

Good business!

Over the years my family has been actively involved in sponsorship programs in Haiti. My wife and I sponsored a little girl in Santo who is now a young woman and mother of her own little girl. Our relationship with Natacha continues to grow after all these years…she is family! We been able to see her go to school and positive things like that and also have seen her living in a tent after the earthquake. We were happy to be able to help her get into a more suitable living situation in the small house she and her little daughter now occupy. Self-sustenance is a theme we have in Project Nourish and we wanted it to apply in this family’s situation. A business of selling groceries was decided on and a couple of very humble attempts were made without great success. The reason was lack of oversight and training. Well, I met a nice man in Haiti a couple of weeks ago and he is fulfilling that need for mentorship. His name is Auguste and he is just a great guy! He has offered free training in business. His own business of 2-1/2 years is successful and he is transferring his knowledge and experience to someone else; helping better the community and strengthen this family. We are so grateful. He recommended not being one dimensional but rather to have diversity in business that includes electronics and selling phone minutes. Well, we’ve begun and it looks promising.

Cell phones keep our Haitian friends connected


She has opened an account and is selling cell phone minutes now. I received a call from her today and could instantly hear the joy and excitement in her voice. I could tell she sees a promising future in business and she was so appreciative of the opportunity. Her business will grow and she’ll be able to support her family and provide a service to the community. It is great to be a part of this story and to have people like Auguste joining in to help stating, “When you help people in Haiti it’s like you’re helping me and I appreciate that so I want to do what I’m supposed to do.” Wow, I love his attitude.


By the way, she started our phone conversation in English with a few more English words than usual. Our friend has agreed to teach English as well and Natacha is among the few who are taking advantage of his class. Thank God for kind souls. 🙂

More Partnering

Project Nourish has experienced a level of success by partnering with other individuals and organizations. Below I am pictured with a couple of our key helpers at PN along with Yves from Samaritan’s Purse. Our partnership with SP for the construction of interim housing for families who fell victim to the devastating quake that ravished Haiti on Jan. 12th 2010. The project, now complete, was a delightful success! And SP was a great partner to work with… a real class act!

Junior (PN), Yves (SP), me, and Mike (PN).

I know, I know…I’m the only one that’s out of uniform! Believe me when I tell you that my family let me know about it when reviewing the pictures!!

We are pursuing more partnerships with this and other organizations. We are in conversation with a PhD. addressing some energy and agricultural solutions for some prevalent issues. There are some revolutionary concepts on the horizon and we are hopeful to see them come to fruition in the very near future! Please get behind our efforts as we make a lasting difference in the landscape of Haiti’s predicament…

We at Project Nourish know without a doubt that we need your participation if we are to accomplish the life changing goals that we have in mind. Thank you for your previous contributions and we look forward to a life long partnership with you sponsors…the backbone of this effort!

Santiago Beans

On a recent trip we brought some more beans, donated by our friends Dave & Carolyn, to Cabois. These are a real great thing for the families we are serving. They are dehydrated refried beans. All that’s needed is to add some boiled water and they have tasty treat to enjoy with some rice that provides a source of protein that is vital.

Dave & Carolyn have now purchased 100 more cases to help feed the village of Cabois! We are anxious to be able to bring this product up to the mountain and see the joyful faces as they receive some substantial and tasty nutrition!

Haiti is in such need of food, shelter, and clothing; the very basic necessities of life. The poverty and hunger that must be faced every day is incredible. It takes remarkable resilience to endure the obstacles.

Project Nourish is so thankful for people, like this hard working couple, who find a way to impact a hundreds of people from their contribution. The photos show a couple of very grateful recipients that were excited to take these home and get a bowl full of great food with their families!


Project Nourish and some leaders in Cabois have a casual meeting

It’s amazing how much more we can accomplish working together. It is also amazing how much is stifled because of jealousy and pride. Project Nourish is happy to engage in multiple partnerships that allow us to accomplish things that we simply couldn’t alone. We have begun to partner with John Engle’s organization with education in mind, with Joe Hurston’s for pure water, and Samaritan’s Purse for housing, and many others, including personal collaborations that have been crucial to our continuing thus far!

We are working on establishing a model community to be duplicated in other regions. We know this requires partnerships in and out of the villages. So many peripheral blessings have come out of these partnerships too. Rubbing shoulders with people, and organizations, that have other people’s interests in mind is very rewarding and we are blessed! We are excited to find out who that next important relationship will be with!

Let me take time right now to thank you for your interest in our efforts and for taking time to view our website. We certainly welcome your feedback!

God Bless you as you give of yourself to benefit others!!

You…and Project Nourish!

A loving card lets him know he’s loved…

Sometimes we have people tell us that they don’t know how to help, or who they can trust, or that their little bit doesn’t really matter, etc… Well we at PN can certainly relate! We have individually and collectively felt those types of feelings many times. But that’s where teamwork comes in. Some of us can take trips for some ‘hands on’ action, some of us can simply encourage others that their part counts and makes a difference! As far as the “my little bit” being insignificant, that’s a stifling mentality that we have to avoid. You see as a team our “little bits” combine and are effective. This simply doesn’t happen if we buy into the thought that it doesn’t matter and hold out; the needs on the other end remain. As an organization sometimes we’re overwhelmed by the awareness of the immense needs and can feel ill-equipped to address them. That’s just the time to roll up our sleeves and touch as many as we can! As we make ourselves available and stretch as far as we can someone always seems to come along side to provide the next piece of the puzzle. We are a team so let’s each do our part and make a difference together!

I don’t know how we’ll purchase land and build buildings and so on to meet the needs that we see but I assure you that we’re going to keep pursuing accomplishing just that!! We need the whole heart of the whole team to get it done. You and us together!