During our medical visit in December, several people sought out the medical team for some personal attention. Without any announcement, the word was out! After our daily student examinations at the school, we took the medical bag and responded to several needs in the surrounding area. One young lady, Nathalie, had an obvious malady in her abdominal region. The nurse decided she needed to get to a hospital for pictures of what was going on inside… The group quickly rustled up the funds and sent her in to receive the results pictured below.

So, Nathalie needs a surgery that she and her family can’t afford. We returned home and pleaded on her behalf while at River Spring Lodge and our friend, Kay kicked off a drive that continued at Life Spring in Worcester, MA and at Solid Rock Church in Albany, NY. After a few short weeks, all of the funds have been collected for the surgery and the medicines needed to go along with it!

I spoke with Nathalie this morning and she is SOooo thankful!! She has asked that everyone helping be thanked and she is praying God’s blessings on you!

Some Needed Medical Attention


We are so pleased that husband and wife team Don & Lana decided to offer their medical skills to help out in Haiti! Lana consulted with us on how to proceed and to help to set up a procedure to implement on our recent trip. Don joined us in the field performing medical exams on the school students primarily, but also for several others. We now will be better able to monitor the students development using the data as a baseline to compare with future exams. We really appreciate the efforts which were complemented by other team members, Amanda, Abby, Maddy, Mei, & Justin and our Haitian helpers, Alexis, Ti-Carme, & Yvon,

After the kids were addressed, the administrators asked for check-ups too! It was such a blessing to see so many receive what would be otherwise unobtainable. We look forward to seeing this program continue to grow as we develop programs for issues that were revealed like vision impairment and others…


After the workdays at the school were finished, it was “have meds will travel” as we found villagers who needed attention; from fevers to cysts to tumors to throat pains to abrasions. What a blessing! I might add that a couple of team members were happy to receive some minor treatments too. And when Don got some abrasions the villagers were happy to reciprocate!


If you are, or know of, a medical professional that would like to offer those skills to a Third-world environment, please contact us here at Project Nourish.

Impact Group Trip Dec ’16…

picture1  picturea  picture3

What a great group we had for this trip!

There was a good mix of veterans and first timers, but everyone had a profitable experience! We had a list of priorities to accomplish starting with providing medical examinations to the school students. It was a lot of work but well worth the effort. We now have a baseline to compare with future exams to help evaluate growth and overall health.


We also had a building project to get done which was a success under the hot Haiti sun 🙂 The construction team was able to put a roof on our new depot as well as giving some building lessons to locals along the way. This building is important as we bring in goods and supplies for various programs.


There is so much to experience in visiting a different country with a different culture and language and life experiences. There is always a give and take of each others lives; we can often help address some issues of poverty and illness and so on but the Haitians often display a lifestyle of resilience; overcoming the seemingly unending barrage of adversity.

picture2      img_1240

Maybe you should consider joining us on an upcoming trip! 🙂

Meet Ginalda…


The school feeding program is yielding such great results! One of these students who are fortunate to go to school and be part of our feeding program is 12 year old Ginalda Frazier.

Her parents grow vegetables and raise goats for their livelihood. Money doesn’t come in regularly for their family, but Ginalda’s parents, Claude and Gina work hard to take care of Ginalda and her little sister.


According to her teacher, Ginalda is one of the top students in her class. Ginalda’s favorite subject is Math. She is very joyful and optimistic. She dreams of becoming a nurse someday.

Like the other students in her class, Ginalda’s life is not easy, but they all hope for a bright future, they all have dreams that they want to reach.picture5

One Child’s Story…

Project Nourish is dedicated to helping children through health and education. One of the students that we are helping is 11 year old Falone Louis Jacqold. She is in third grade.  According to her teacher, Falone used to be weak and sickly and she was often absent. When she was present she would fall asleep in class.

Falone’s mother single-handedly takes care of her. She performs all the household chores and looks for money to provide for her family. But her mother does not have a regular income. She usually sells something like fruit. According to Falone’s mother, the biggest problem she has is how to provide food for her family.


Falone’s teacher said that because of the meals that she receives in school, the child has changed. She is cheerful and active in class. There is no sign of tiredness or frailty. She is always smiling and has more confidence. He teacher also said that she likes to sing and she always shows off her talent!

Falone’s mom sends her thanks to those who are helping her child. She says, “Thank you for everything you do for me. God bless you.”

Hurricane Matthew


Matthew, a category 4 storm has devastated areas in the western part of Haiti and left damage throughout the country. Death tolls are over 1000 with more likely to be reported as rescue workers are cut off from many areas due to mudslides, downed bridges, washed out roads, etc. Hundreds of thousands have lost their homes and possessions.

This devastation adds to the difficulties already existing in Haiti including recovering from the 2010 earthquake, a continuing drought since 2013, the instability of the government, and the battle with cholera which is feared to surge due to the massive flooding and its effects on water and sanitation infrastructure.

Project Nourish is distributing food, clothing, and medical supplies to people in some of the most affected areas as well as organizing a medical trip to help treat some of the fallout.

Haiti needs our help! Please Donate Now and help us bring relief to families affected by this devastation…


Can’t eat…can’t think…


SchoolKidsEat 16 - 3

So… our friend, Job, who is the school administrator in an area we serve, told us how that often he looks out at the students and inevitably sees kids just dazing out, unable to concentrate. To the untrained eye it could by construed as misbehavior, but he recognized it was attributed to hunger, which so many of the Haitian children are suffering from. We had to act, in this rural mountain community, to alleviate the hunger and increase the potential for learning.

So we started a feeding program at the school for these beautiful children. It consists of bringing in food, preparing it, and feeding it to the children and staff. The cooks are more than happy to help just for a plate of food for themselves. That’s a win win 🙂  We’re doing it three days a week and it’s making a difference!

As always, we recognize that it’s contributions from people like you that make these efforts possible. This hunger issue among the students is ongoing and far reaching so we’re determined to get this project bigger & better so we can impact more of these beautiful Haitian families.

We are working together with you to change the world, one life at a time…

16 - 5(1) KidsSchool

A grandmother’s prayer answered…


So I’m walking along the dirt road in a small village when I see a very sad grandmother holding a despondent child on her lap, kind of limp and lethargic. I had to turn and ask, “what’s the mater?” (in Haitian Creole, of course) She explained how the child was sick and had a fever, you could tell she would have traded places with the little girl if possible as she moved the wet compress across the girl’s forehead. I said, “I will pray for her” and began walking away… I couldn’t. Turning back I said, “I’ll pray for her now” and I did. A simple, heart-felt prayer asking God to touch this little girl. Then I walked away, continuing whatever it was I was going to do.

It was only a very short time later when I walked back by the spot where they were sitting and the little girl was already sitting up and alert! It was so cool and amazing to see! I spoke to the lady about it and she was now able to muster a smile. The next morning when I returned to the area, there she was standing there in the road with that cute little attitude showing in her face and posture!! That’s what you see in the picture, what a difference a prayer can make. Thank God that He is still answering our prayers…

Consider what you might do to impact these children’s lives 🙂

Drip, drip, drip…

Water is essential to life. Unfortunately, access to clean drinking water is lacking in many areas not only in Haiti, but around the world.  A few years ago, we were blessed to have partnered with Joe Hurston, of Air Mobile Ministries, and set up a water filtration system in Cabois, Haiti only mere months before the Cholera outbreak.  What seemed like a small project quickly became a life-saving project that impacted not only one village, but the surrounding villages as well. We are very thankful to have running water at our base, in addition to having a well installed on our site in Cabois.

Knowing that clean water is essential to life, please join us in bringing it to more people in more places… Please donate now!

Land Ho!

Good news! Resolution has finally been brought to our land issue.  This is an important step in allowing us to create a greater impact for the people of Cabois! We have several plans to make good use of the land, but in talking with leaders of the community, we found that the greatest need in the area is for a clinic.  Our goal is to construct a clinic designed for expansion, so that it can meet future needs as they arise.  Please pitch in and help us out with this endeavor!


We have several medical personnel that are willing to come and offer treatment in this rural mountain region and we are excited about the proposition of offering medical and dental treatment, and education, to people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to receive it.