Hurricane Matthew


Matthew, a category 4 storm has devastated areas in the western part of Haiti and left damage throughout the country. Death tolls are over 1000 with more likely to be reported as rescue workers are cut off from many areas due to mudslides, downed bridges, washed out roads, etc. Hundreds of thousands have lost their homes and possessions.

This devastation adds to the difficulties already existing in Haiti including recovering from the 2010 earthquake, a continuing drought since 2013, the instability of the government, and the battle with cholera which is feared to surge due to the massive flooding and its effects on water and sanitation infrastructure.

Project Nourish is distributing food, clothing, and medical supplies to people in some of the most affected areas as well as organizing a medical trip to help treat some of the fallout.

Haiti needs our help! Please Donate Now and help us bring relief to families affected by this devastation…


Drip, drip, drip…

Water is essential to life. Unfortunately, access to clean drinking water is lacking in many areas not only in Haiti, but around the world.  A few years ago, we were blessed to have partnered with Joe Hurston, of Air Mobile Ministries, and set up a water filtration system in Cabois, Haiti only mere months before the Cholera outbreak.  What seemed like a small project quickly became a life-saving project that impacted not only one village, but the surrounding villages as well. We are very thankful to have running water at our base, in addition to having a well installed on our site in Cabois.

Knowing that clean water is essential to life, please join us in bringing it to more people in more places… Please donate now!

Hurricane Tomas

I spoke to our friend Junior last night who told me that, unfortunately, two people died in Leogane due to the flooding from Tomas. I have seen reports stating from four to seven deaths have been reported. The path of the hurricane was headed directly over Haiti and moved to travel between Haiti and Cuba. Even from this path there has been sufficient damage to these island countries. In recent years loss of life has been reported relating to storms not reaching hurricane strength. At this time particular vulnerability is the case since so many still reside in tents and make shift structures.

Through phone conversations with friends in Haiti I’ve learned that many suffered by not having provisions and being confined inside for the duration of the storm. When the rains diminished the strong winds were still an issue.

Cholera and Fresh Water

With the recent outbreak of cholera in Haiti our water purifier became that much more important! So many people from neighboring communities came by for fresh drinking water…and we had it! It is so pleasing to have already been set up and be in a position to help these people! We still have to pay off this unit and want to purchase them as we can for other communities. We are hoping for some folks to come forward and push this very important project along!

Cholera causes vomiting, extreme diarrhea, and stomach pain. Rehydrating with clean water is key! We want to continue to make clean water available to communities so these types of events don’t happen!

Cholera Outbreak

If you haven’t heard there has been an outbreak of cholera in a region of Haiti. Already over 200 people have died with thousands reported sick. There is a real need for clean drinking water throughout the country. We were fortunate to bring in water purification to a community a couple of months ago. Right now many, many people in the area are coming to get the pure drinking water from this system. We at Project Nourish are so pleased that we have that in place and that so many people are benefiting from this clean water source! (see “Water Purifier” post; ).

There has been concern for these types of problems since the earthquake in January. In the many camps conditions are very difficult and food and water remain a very real issue along with hygiene and medical needs. There is no infrastructure to facilitate efficient dealing with the current situation, or others, should they arise. We need to reach out and help our struggling Haitian neighbors in this most difficult time. We thank all of you that contribute to the solution and ask for continued benevolence toward the people of Haiti, particularly in helping to provide clean water!


Well with so much of Haiti living in tents, and very make-shift tents at that, a hurricane would be just absolutely devastating! Even the strong winds on a near miss would leave so many people homeless! Remember, many of these “tents” are constructed of sticks stuck in the ground with a bed sheet over them…like we used to make as kids to play in! Some better ones are made with a sheet of plastic on top, and even better ones will have a rusted piece of corrugated metal roofing material. Of course there are many nice tents sent in from other countries in international relief efforts, but would you want to endure a hurricane in one?

Many of us saw the looming danger and prayed that Earl would turn right and calm down…well, it did! Thank God. Our hope is that result is duplicated with the other storms on the horizon…