Technology and Language Learning

One of the first things realized during a trip to a foreign country is often the language barrier. We hear someone speaking, or a radio station, or we want to express something or find directions and don’t know how to communicate it! We reach for root words that may be similar to a word in their language and sometime we get lucky! But more often we’re just stuck. We become frustrated wanting to share and not having the means.

Most of us are not able to have formal lessons added to our schedules. But it’s not hopeless! You can learn without taking another course in school, thanks to technology! There are language programs like Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur, and others, allowing you to learn at home, as you drive or while you cook. You can do it at your own pace too!

We are using MP3 players to both help our American teams learn Creole, and help our Haitian friends learn English! The result is better communication during our times together in Haiti. This accelerates our efforts and is so much better for our relationships!

One team member suggested that after we go through a language course we go online and listen to Haitian radio or TV to immerse ourselves in the language further!

Give it a go…and get ready for some great chats on your visit to Haiti!