Video – Impact Group Trip with Project Nourish

We recently had an Impact Group travel to Haiti with Project Nourish. Take a look at the video highlighting their trip and some of the work that they accomplished!

You can also find this video on YouTube.

Thank You FDW!

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We have made several shipments of supplies to Haiti over the passed few months. These shipments are made possible in thanks to those who donate needed items, the volunteers who pack the boxes, the donors who help pay to ship the boxes, and the volunteers that drive the boxes to the container.  Thanks to Factory Discount Warehouse, we have been able to transport these goods in a nice truck. They donated the use of their box truck to drive these boxes to their shipping point.  Thank you FDW!

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Drip, drip, drip…

Water is essential to life. Unfortunately, access to clean drinking water is lacking in many areas not only in Haiti, but around the world.  A few years ago, we were blessed to have partnered with Joe Hurston, of Air Mobile Ministries, and set up a water filtration system in Cabois, Haiti only mere months before the Cholera outbreak.  What seemed like a small project quickly became a life-saving project that impacted not only one village, but the surrounding villages as well. We are very thankful to have running water at our base, in addition to having a well installed on our site in Cabois.

Knowing that clean water is essential to life, please join us in bringing it to more people in more places… Please donate now!

Installing The Doors…and more!

You know what?? it’s hot in Haiti! But in spite of that a team of guys on a recent Impact Group trip tirelessly installed some interior doors so there could be some privacy on this and future trips. Bob VanNatten from the Albany crew headed up the work and did an excellent job.


Under his leadership a whole lot was accomplished! It was just shy of a miracle making doors swing freely and close and latch given the walls they were working with along with the tools and materials available.


Pastor Justin of Solid Rock in Albany is seen above doing some quality control! We were blessed to have these guys. They didn’t hesitate to jump from carpentry to electrical to plumbing…and we didn’t hesitate to let them!!                    AWESOME JOB GUYS!

Land Ho!

Good news! Resolution has finally been brought to our land issue.  This is an important step in allowing us to create a greater impact for the people of Cabois! We have several plans to make good use of the land, but in talking with leaders of the community, we found that the greatest need in the area is for a clinic.  Our goal is to construct a clinic designed for expansion, so that it can meet future needs as they arise.  Please pitch in and help us out with this endeavor!


We have several medical personnel that are willing to come and offer treatment in this rural mountain region and we are excited about the proposition of offering medical and dental treatment, and education, to people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to receive it.

Preparing a Shipment

Partnering with LifeSpring Missions, we at Project Nourish were able to prepare several boxes to ship to Haiti. The time and effort given by these volunteers is admirable and greatly appreciated.  Volunteers filled the boxes with generously donated shoes, clothes, medical supplies, and other important resources. This shipment will help us to continue making a positive impact in Haiti!

Filling some of the boxes
Sorting donations