Touching a Life…


We all need love and acceptance and we know how good it feels to get that. Well it’s great to give it too! I was reflecting on how so many volunteers and group trip participants have connected with people in Haiti. A caring and willing heart traveling to this poor, small country and touching someone’s life. Some really great friendships have been established over the years.

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It’s kind of amazing how people from such different locations and lifestyles can bond so nicely! Learning the language definitely helps but it is not a prerequisite to friendship. With the Project Nourish Impact Group trips we’ve seen so much laughter and happiness expressed right in the midst of the poorest country in the western hemisphere. I particularly enjoy connecting with folks from different cultures and, now that I’m older I guess, watching others do the same. So come make my day… and a new relationship… in Haiti!

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Can’t eat…can’t think…


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So… our friend, Job, who is the school administrator in an area we serve, told us how that often he looks out at the students and inevitably sees kids just dazing out, unable to concentrate. To the untrained eye it could by construed as misbehavior, but he recognized it was attributed to hunger, which so many of the Haitian children are suffering from. We had to act, in this rural mountain community, to alleviate the hunger and increase the potential for learning.

So we started a feeding program at the school for these beautiful children. It consists of bringing in food, preparing it, and feeding it to the children and staff. The cooks are more than happy to help just for a plate of food for themselves. That’s a win win 🙂  We’re doing it three days a week and it’s making a difference!

As always, we recognize that it’s contributions from people like you that make these efforts possible. This hunger issue among the students is ongoing and far reaching so we’re determined to get this project bigger & better so we can impact more of these beautiful Haitian families.

We are working together with you to change the world, one life at a time…

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