Being there…

If you haven’t gone on an Impact Group trip consider this an encouragement to go! So many lasting relationships come from these trips. We have seen people grow up over the 30 years and our friendships have grown with them. Some folks have bonded on a trip and realized the impact of sponsorship so they became a sponsor and continue to correspond and develop meaningful friendships. Just making the effort to share what we’ve been blessed with whether it’s wealth or a skill or talent or simply being a friend has enduring benefits to each party involved.


Some can’t make such a trip for various reasons like health, finances, etc. there are still ways to “be there”.  One lady friend sponsored a child who grew up and now has her own child, now my friend is sponsoring the child! The mother (now) considers my friend as family. Although my friend is old and unable to travel, we have helped her to communicate through letters and apps like Skype. My friend Annie, who is in the Philippines, has helped by using her knowledge and skills to prepare necessary administrative documents which we email back and forth between her country and our PN office, tweaking as we go! Now, she has offered to use some of her assessment skills on site in Haiti and in the U.S. office. We are looking forward to her visiting our board, and traveling to Haiti with us, in September. We can all “be there”, we just gotta figure out how…

“freely you have received freely give”




Thank You FDW!

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We have made several shipments of supplies to Haiti over the passed few months. These shipments are made possible in thanks to those who donate needed items, the volunteers who pack the boxes, the donors who help pay to ship the boxes, and the volunteers that drive the boxes to the container.  Thanks to Factory Discount Warehouse, we have been able to transport these goods in a nice truck. They donated the use of their box truck to drive these boxes to their shipping point.  Thank you FDW!

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