Who Cares???

Some young folks in New England, that’s who!  It is so refreshing to see the giving, caring and interaction between the youth that we’ve taken on some of these trips.


Whether its in carrying sacks of rice or playing ball with a small child, it’s great to watch these guys & gals mixing up with new found friends!


From village to village sometimes it seems to only takes seconds for some chemistry to be sensed and bubbly excitement bursts out!


I have seen over and over the expressions on kids’ faces that tell of the joy they feel having someone come and care about them and want to spend time with them!


sometimes it’s in a lesson sometimes a song sometimes it’s a joke…but it’s all fun to watch and better to be a part of!!


Both the Haitian families and these American youth will look back on fond memories when reflecting on the special days spent together.


Caring and sharing go a long, long way…in all of our lives. How great it is to witness the giving hearts of these young folks from New England!