January Impact Group – What a trip!

What a trip! Really! This was a great group of people that were so helpful. So many projects got completed; some of which will benefit the following groups. For instance, the groups coming now will be able to enjoy a shower from the gravity fed system that was installed. That’s huge in this village with no running water or electricity! They were just good workers…period. There were lights and

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switches put in that run on the current provided by the generator. There doors and knobs installed in the rooms of our new addition to the group house. trenches were dug for drainage and boundary markers placed on the clinic property.


In all this there was still plenty of time given to the personal touch that goes so far in expressing our true concern for the well being of these Haitian families. Such a balance of hard work and gentleness! A special thanks to our friends at Solid Rock in Albany, NY and those at Life Spring in Worcester, MA. They made this a memorable trip and were truly an IMPACT GROUP!