Thank you, Standard Door Supply!

Thanks to the generosity of Bill and Peter of Standard Door Supply in allowing the use of a truck and driver, we were able to transport a large shipment of goods to NY for delivery to Haiti. The New England based company provided the truck from their Worcester, MA location which is in close proximity to our own location.

Thanks Standard Door!

The load includes over 100 cases of dehydrated beans which will be a great source of protein for many Haitian families living in abject poverty. Also included in the shipment are shoes, one of the most valued commodities, and clothes for all ages. Project Nourish gives some items to individuals and families for their personal use and some are used as a means of providing income through small family businesses. Your contributions do, in fact, change lives in these difficult regions.

From truck to container

If we each take responsibility to do a part we will accomplish great things! Please join the Project Nourish family in bringing hope and a brighter future to the less privileged…