Volunteer Shippers

Recently the staff at Project Nourish teamed up with local volunteers to pack boxes and prepare them for shipping to Haiti. We are so pleased to have these nice people donating their time in an effort that translates into changed lives in a Third World environment. We had over one hundred case of dehydrated beans, dozens of pairs of much needed shoes, boxes of clothes, etc.

Sorting and packing clothes

We still need to get this big load to our shipper in New York but we are one step closer. All of the efforts wouldn’t happen without the partnerships we have and the donations of time and funds to make it happen! If you have joined with us in our efforts to impact the less fortunate, “Thank you!” If you haven’t yet…we are asking you to do it now. Your part is so important and meaningful. I can tell you it is rewarding to both the giver and receiver!

Packing cases of beans

We look forward to hearing from you soon and, if you haven’t, are hoping you decide to partner with us in some form or another; general sponsorship, volunteering, child sponsorship, etc…