Ground Breaking…

In the efforts of Project Nourish to address the needs of the remote mountain village of Cabois and the surrounding communities, we need to have buildings to work out of for a clinic, storage, teaching, etc. Of course this kind of thing doesn’t happen over night; it takes time, money, and lots of effort. But I want to let you know that we have begun preparing the first portion by digging and laying a small foundation that we plan to build a building on that we will likely initially use in a multi-function capacity.

We certainly need help to accomplish all that needs to be done. There’s land acquisition, perimeter wall construction, buildings, plumbing & electrical issues, and provisions for each of the functions including orphan and clinical care.

Please join us in making a positive difference in our world! Your help is so important and so desperately needed…no one else can do your part!



Sponsor/Child Correspondence

We at Project Nourish love to be facilitators of the long distance relationships created through our sponsorship programs. As someone who enjoys several such relationships that have endured almost thirty years, I can attest that they can be long lasting too!

In this picture we see Lucy and Ti-Carme. This too is a long distance, long lasting relationship. Here they are working together on organizing data they gathered on the presently sponsored children and their families, as well as translating letters that the children have just written to their sponsors. We will carry the correspondence, between the American sponsors and the Haitian children, in and out of Haiti and hope each budding connection grows into a life changing, long term friendship like those that we have developed and hold so dear to our hearts.

It is such a blessing to be able to work hand in hand with our Haitian counterparts in helping affect change in Haiti. The board of Project Nourish is shared by both American and Haitian affiliates. We are pleased to have these relationships developing and making a difference in the world.

We truly look forward to experiencing more and more of these powerful, life changing connections for ourselves personally and for many of you, our friends…


Some of the very most appreciated gifts that we are able to give to our Haitian friends are shoes. Thanks to a donation of several pairs of little girls’ shoes, by a donor named Nichole, we were able to make some toddlers and parents very happy in providing them some nice shoes.

These pictures show a couple of little girls sporting new shoes! They both are at the stage where they’re just beginning to walk so it was fun to watch them in their newly learned skill and in their newly acquired shoes.

The picture on the right is of little Sofonie and her mom. You may recall some earlier posts regarding Sofonie’s health. The first was entitled, “A Thankful Mom” posted Jan. 12, 2011. The other, “Sofonie!” posted on March 26, 2011. She is getting so big! And she was in great health. We are so thankful to see her doing so well and to be in relationship with this precious family, and so many more.

Bringing in clothes and shoes is one aspect of the efforts of Project Nourish. Look for posts regarding schooling and health efforts, and others too. Remember, we welcome your comments and suggestions so please feel free to send along your thoughts!

Sponsors make a Difference!

On our most recent trip we were able to take care of the schooling expenses for our sponsored children. Making sure the kids are able to attend school is a rewarding experience for us, knowing the importance of a good education. Some of the tuitions were paid in full for the year, while for others we paid a two month installment. Although the majority of the kids attend school right in Cabois, a few attend school in a neighboring village.

The 1st picture above shows a boy writing correspondence to his beloved new sponsor! The families are so excited to learn of their getting a sponsor. Although this young boy was attending school, there were no payments received yet by the school. They were in need of a miracle…and they got it! The other picture is of a young girl, from another area, at a school that we visited. She is a good student who was writing notes in a notepad and looking on with another student into their textbook as her family couldn’t afford one for herself. After the class we spoke a bit and were able to make her day by purchasing a textbook of her own to help with her studies. When someone sponsors a child or is a general sponsor, live are changed by that selfless decision. Education, food, and clothes are some of the ways your support can effect change in the lives of these young people.

If you haven’t acted yet in sponsorship now is the time! We’d love to have you join our efforts in making much needed change in Haiti. 🙂