On the way to Nursing School!

One way that we try to help is with education and training. We are pleased to be helping to sponsor a young lady in her pursuit in the field of nursing. Magdaline will be attending nursing school in Leogane. It has been her dream for a long time and we are hoping for a successful outcome. She will have some help from her family but it’s not enough. We are stepping in as we can in hopes of helping her through to completion and a good job as a nurse in the school/hospital that she will be attending. We at Project Nourish consider this a valuable education opportunity as well as fitting into our business initiatives.

Filling out the application for nursing school

One way she plans to give back is by serving in our clinic once it is up and operational. She is excited at the proposition of being able to serve the community in this way and also to be able to have a good job after graduation. I was able to give a recommendation on the application which was an added bonus for me as it is so rewarding to be a part of any and all of our business and betterment initiatives. I know many supporters, and potential supporters know the importance and benefits of these types of programs and we are hopeful that we’ll get enough contributions that will enable us to do this, and many more of these endeavors. It is just these types of efforts that bring the community closer to the self-sufficient, vibrant place we want to see. The training, jobs, and community service strengthen the fabric of the society and have long term impact on the direction of the locale and country. Project Nourish is aiming to help see a strong and healthy Haiti and with your help we will see it happen!

If you’d like more information about this or other initiatives please send an email to: info@projectnourish.org and we’ll do our best to give you a good answer. We welcome your suggestions too! We are in this together…

Good business!

Over the years my family has been actively involved in sponsorship programs in Haiti. My wife and I sponsored a little girl in Santo who is now a young woman and mother of her own little girl. Our relationship with Natacha continues to grow after all these years…she is family! We been able to see her go to school and positive things like that and also have seen her living in a tent after the earthquake. We were happy to be able to help her get into a more suitable living situation in the small house she and her little daughter now occupy. Self-sustenance is a theme we have in Project Nourish and we wanted it to apply in this family’s situation. A business of selling groceries was decided on and a couple of very humble attempts were made without great success. The reason was lack of oversight and training. Well, I met a nice man in Haiti a couple of weeks ago and he is fulfilling that need for mentorship. His name is Auguste and he is just a great guy! He has offered free training in business. His own business of 2-1/2 years is successful and he is transferring his knowledge and experience to someone else; helping better the community and strengthen this family. We are so grateful. He recommended not being one dimensional but rather to have diversity in business that includes electronics and selling phone minutes. Well, we’ve begun and it looks promising.

Cell phones keep our Haitian friends connected


She has opened an account and is selling cell phone minutes now. I received a call from her today and could instantly hear the joy and excitement in her voice. I could tell she sees a promising future in business and she was so appreciative of the opportunity. Her business will grow and she’ll be able to support her family and provide a service to the community. It is great to be a part of this story and to have people like Auguste joining in to help stating, “When you help people in Haiti it’s like you’re helping me and I appreciate that so I want to do what I’m supposed to do.” Wow, I love his attitude.


By the way, she started our phone conversation in English with a few more English words than usual. Our friend has agreed to teach English as well and Natacha is among the few who are taking advantage of his class. Thank God for kind souls. 🙂

More beans…more smiles!

We told you before how that Dave & Carolyn donated 20 cases of dehydrated beans. Well the families in the mountain village of Cabois just seem to really love them. We keep packing our suitcases full of these bags of beans and carrying them up the mountain to distribute. There’s a whole lot of excitement for them as we open up the vehicle and reveal the stash!

Now they’ve just donated 100 more cases! We, and the families in Cabois, are so thankful.  Our rough math indicated that it is enough to feed each person in the whole village thirteen times. Wow! Thank you Dave & Carolyn, we love you and your great big hearts!!

We now need some help with the expenses to ship these over to Haiti so we can bring some more nourishment to the families in this mountain village. You can be sure there will be a lot of excitement when they see us passing out this new favorite of theirs! A big part of the beauty of these is the simplicity of preparation. For each bag you just boil a half a gallon of water and mix in the beans; they’re all flavored and ready to go! And, I might add that they’re tasty too.

Most Recent Trip

We just went up to Cabois again this past week. We were able to bring some food to some families in need. And we also addressed the schooling issue for our sponsored children. It

is so meaningful to these families when their child gets sponsored and they find out that their tuition will be paid! That is part of the accomplishment of the low monthly sponsorship fees; a child can afford to go to school! 🙂

Michelove with a gift from her new “Mommy”

The picture above shows a young girl with gifts sent from her new sponsor. The whole family was excited! It is too difficult for her mother to pay for her children to go to school. Now, Michelove will be able to attend school and build and education that will help in her future success.

Jonas making friends…

Along with taking care of feeding the hungry and addressing tuition issues we took some time to get current photos of the children to pass along to their American families. It is so good to see the kids progressing and so rewarding to be a part of it! A big “thank you” to all of the sponsors…and all of you who are deciding to be!