Integrated farming…

Project Nourish is actively pursuing solutions for the difficult struggles in the average Haitian life. These struggles include housing, food, employment, clean water, electricity, and fuel. Presently we are building relationships and considering options for building an integrated farming system that integrates agriculture with aquaculture, creates fertilizer, produces electricity, enhances animal & plant production, makes better use of land & ponds for food production, and produces liquid biofuels.

Two boys at a Sugarcane field


There is a lot of time and effort and money that has to go into such an undertaking but it has the potential to change thousands, or even millions of lives. Each element of the project is vitally important; the food production, the energy, the employment and so on. We are excited at the prospect of teaming up to make a very significant difference in the lives of many hurting families. The project will have to be funded and it will take some elbow grease from a lot of individuals but we are hopeful to be right in the thick of it in the very near future!

Vegetation growing in enhanced system


Wedding Bells…

Was that wedding bells we heard?? That’s right! We certainly had a wedding a couple of weeks ago. Our son, James Vanderhoof married Linda Guerrier of BordMer. It was a wonderful time of celebration!

.                 The Ring Ceremony                           James & Linda

It was a beautiful ceremony with a couple of surprises for the audience. One was the nice sand ceremony; where each of the couple poured, from a separate bottle, different color sand into a taller bottle creating a unique blend representative of their two lives and cultures being blended together in a wonderful expression of love never to be separated or alone again. Another was that when they spoke their vows, which they authored themselves, James said his in Creole and Linda said hers in English. It was such a nice touch…


James and Linda have worked with Project Nourish in several programs including the distribution of shoes, feeding needy families, sorting & passing out clothing to children and orphans and in the interim housing project. It looks like they’ll be working together for a long time to come!


Susan and I are proud parents of James and our new daughter-in-law, LindaJ As are Roland and Benicia. We love them and are so happy for them and we wish them the absolute best!!

.       Karl & Susan Vanderhoof                    Benicia         and          Roland

Helping Kids’ Futures

When we go into Cabois, or any of the villages we help, we do not have to make an announcement or “beep” the horn. Just show up! After a few short moments there are children all around. They’re happy, bouncing, dancing, singing…it’s electric! They equate our presence with some measure of increased hope. They know we are there to help…and we are!

They just keep on coming!

We have several ways that we are trying to impact these young lives and we certainly can use help in the efforts. When you’re in conversation with your friends and they mention how they’d really like to help but don’t know how… well you can tell ‘em! “Sponsor a child!” $25 a month will not only get them in our program that provides much needed food and clothing & shoes, but it also will get them enrolled into school. It’s hard to imagine for some of us but PN is truly able to make this small amount go a long way towards changing the life of a child. As I write, I just got off the phone with ‘my little girl’ that we love so much and is part of our lives. We began sponsoring about 25 years ago and it has been a great experience for us that continues to unfold into more than we could have ever imagined for both her and us!

More Partnering

Project Nourish has experienced a level of success by partnering with other individuals and organizations. Below I am pictured with a couple of our key helpers at PN along with Yves from Samaritan’s Purse. Our partnership with SP for the construction of interim housing for families who fell victim to the devastating quake that ravished Haiti on Jan. 12th 2010. The project, now complete, was a delightful success! And SP was a great partner to work with… a real class act!

Junior (PN), Yves (SP), me, and Mike (PN).

I know, I know…I’m the only one that’s out of uniform! Believe me when I tell you that my family let me know about it when reviewing the pictures!!

We are pursuing more partnerships with this and other organizations. We are in conversation with a PhD. addressing some energy and agricultural solutions for some prevalent issues. There are some revolutionary concepts on the horizon and we are hopeful to see them come to fruition in the very near future! Please get behind our efforts as we make a lasting difference in the landscape of Haiti’s predicament…

We at Project Nourish know without a doubt that we need your participation if we are to accomplish the life changing goals that we have in mind. Thank you for your previous contributions and we look forward to a life long partnership with you sponsors…the backbone of this effort!

This Baby needs Help

We see so many children throughout our travels in Haiti. Some of them are happy & some sad, some healthy & some not so healthy, some from the middle class & some from the lower class. But certain needs stick out at certain times and this is one of those particular cases that needs your care.

Susan with a baby Lynn Gellar… holding on to life.

This struggling infant has serious issues wracking her tiny little body. At around three months she is still unable to hold up her little head; its just flops down if she’s not held. She has heart problems rendering her weak and she struggles for every breath. Her throat and chest expand and collapse rapidly as she strives to take in air. It is sad to watch her struggle so.

An Israeli team worked on her in their hospital and decided that she needed to be sent to Israel to be treated in a facility that is equipped to handle such cases. The visa for travel hasn’t arrived after months of waiting. Her mother tries to keep her hopes up each day and cares for her little one the best that she can. Please pray for her and if you’d like, send a donation to Project Nourish to help care for baby Lynn Gellar. Thank you!

Sponsor Paks

We have many children who need sponsors to care for their schooling expenses as well as food and clothes. But that said, we are so thankful for those who have stepped up to sponsor several children.

Young girl holding on to her new gifts

When we take trips to Haiti we always have sponsors sending special gifts that we carry in and personally give to their sponsored children. The children often call these sponsors, Mom & Dad. It is a treat for Project Nourish to be a conduit of this compassionate endeavor. There are several orphans and other needy children whose lives are ready to be changed by someone’s unselfish commitment. As more of you become aware of the dire needs of the greater percentage of Haitian children, we hope you will become a sponsor too! 25 dollars a month is a small price to pay for education and feeding and clothing that we are able to get to the sponsored children. You can make a life changing difference!!

Another happy recipient of a care package!

Cross Cultural Sharing

James & Jackson sorting clothes

It intrigues me how in this age we still have such a contrast of the haves and the have nots. Unfortunately, Haiti is a country of the have nots. But we aim to do something about that. Here is glimpse at one of the Project Nourish teams sharing some clothing, shoes, and some other treats with some families that really are in need. The friends we have made here in Cabois will go on for a long time to come. As always, these friendships work both ways; we give some things to our Haitian friends and they give us things… like a view of true resilience. I am so thankful for what our involvement in Haiti has, of yet, meant in my life and expect there to be a whole bunch more.

Mark sharing with some friends

Santiago Beans

On a recent trip we brought some more beans, donated by our friends Dave & Carolyn, to Cabois. These are a real great thing for the families we are serving. They are dehydrated refried beans. All that’s needed is to add some boiled water and they have tasty treat to enjoy with some rice that provides a source of protein that is vital.

Dave & Carolyn have now purchased 100 more cases to help feed the village of Cabois! We are anxious to be able to bring this product up to the mountain and see the joyful faces as they receive some substantial and tasty nutrition!

Haiti is in such need of food, shelter, and clothing; the very basic necessities of life. The poverty and hunger that must be faced every day is incredible. It takes remarkable resilience to endure the obstacles.

Project Nourish is so thankful for people, like this hard working couple, who find a way to impact a hundreds of people from their contribution. The photos show a couple of very grateful recipients that were excited to take these home and get a bowl full of great food with their families!