Clinic Plans

Caring for a little baby

We are building up our intel on having a clinic in Cabois. We are looking at whether or not we’ll have it on an ongoing basis, have it periodically, be able to include dentistry, and so many other questions that also have to be answered. We have begun conversations with doctors, dentists, and nurses to determine what can be done in this community to improve health care. We have some on board who will donate their time and some supplies to care for families in the poor areas that we reach out to. We are anxious to see this endeavor come to fruition! It is commendable that these people are willing to give of their time and skills to help the poor. Pray that this comes to be as it is so important to the Haitian people. Project Nourish is very concerned with the health of our friends who are struggling in this poor country.

Talk to your doctor on your next visit…maybe he/she will be willing to donate some supplies, some sample meds, or even want to take a trip with us for some hands on compassion! We can all do our part…