3 Villages, 225 Shelters

Framing a shelter

Hey everyone! Well this shelter project got bigger than we expected seeing that we couldn’t say no to people who have been living in tents for fifteen months. The earthquake in January 2010 has left 1.5 million people homeless in Haiti. Project Nourish has been trying to make a difference in these families’ lives. One way is providing interim housing through our partnership with Samaritan’s Purse. We have built two hundred twenty-five houses throughout three villages, virtually doubling our original intention. We have seen such happiness from the recipients and are extremely happy to be doing this project. We do need some financial help to complete the project but have confidence that people like you will see it through to completion!

It is an amazing experience to see people singing and dancing over receiving a new house to live in after being without one for so long. It’s hard to imagine living in make-shift tents for such a long time. We are so thankful for the generosity of our donors. The US is a very giving country…please keep up your generosity; it is making a big difference. YOU make our world better!