Building Begins!

Left to right: Mark, Bob, Karl, Junior, Mike, Yves (SP).

House being built in Cabois!

We are happy to announce that Project Nourish has begun building the interim housing. Thank God for this progress! The building started on Thursday when one unit was constructed. Yesterday three were built and today five were built. That gives us a total of nine as of today. So halfway through next week we should complete this phase of the project.

So many of us take housing for granted, but not these families. They are SO happy and appreciative of this provision.  The small houses have a double bed framed into it as well as a shelf system. It also includes a gutter & rain barrel! They are such a blessing to these families.

We are so grateful for Bob Carpenter heading up this project for us. Hopefully we’ll complete this and move right into the next phase which would be either more interim houses or one of our community care buildings.

We are really in need of financial support for this endeavor but at the same time we are trusting to receive it! We need help with funding for transportation and labor, both of which are providing income for Haitian workers! Please help us if you can with this important project. Remember, if you have some way to help us affect the change that is needed we’d love to hear from you! Just reply to this post with your ideas.

The needs in Haiti are so real. Being part of the solution is what we want…second to there not being a problem to solve! That will be a great day!

Housing Hopes!

Project Nourish is in the process of attempting to provide interim homes, through a partnership with Samaritan’s Purse, for those who have been displaced due to the earthquake. There are always obstacles but there is more perseverance to overcome them! Actually getting the units, transporting them, constructing them, and the financing that it takes to accomplish these items are some of the particular obstacles in this project. But can you imagine the happiness and quality of life change to go from a make-shift tent to a structure that can provide real protection from the elements? Wow are we excited to be doing this!!

We are getting the training in place and the administration to make this a “go”. Phase one will hopefully begin this month. Then we hope to follow up with another phase. The more we can build the better. Whatever relief we can provide is another step in the right direction! We always want and need your help so please don’t hold back now. Oh yeah, have you been thinking of joining an Impact Group trip?? Just wondering…  🙂