Cabois Visit

It is no secret that we love Cabois. Being able to visit again was a pleasure. We had some clothes and shoes for teachers. We had food for the orphans and their families. We had some medical supplies and I even got to administer some first aid as a young man cut his foot while we were there. I washed the cut, applied some antibiotic ointment, and a bandage…voila! Good timing…right?! Also an elderly man was given some medicine and thanked us on our second visit because he was feeling better already! What a blessing to reach out in love and impact someone’s life!

It’s always special interacting with the children! Upon our arrival I addressed the kids and let them know it was good to see them again and what our plans were. We had some food for them and their families and of course lots of love and affection!!

Lucy had a lesson and an art handout for the “Haiti Partners” school children we visited. We just love to visit here where we have committed to work together with the people of Cabois. Hope you’ll help!

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