You…and Project Nourish!

A loving card lets him know he’s loved…

Sometimes we have people tell us that they don’t know how to help, or who they can trust, or that their little bit doesn’t really matter, etc… Well we at PN can certainly relate! We have individually and collectively felt those types of feelings many times. But that’s where teamwork comes in. Some of us can take trips for some ‘hands on’ action, some of us can simply encourage others that their part counts and makes a difference! As far as the “my little bit” being insignificant, that’s a stifling mentality that we have to avoid. You see as a team our “little bits” combine and are effective. This simply doesn’t happen if we buy into the thought that it doesn’t matter and hold out; the needs on the other end remain. As an organization sometimes we’re overwhelmed by the awareness of the immense needs and can feel ill-equipped to address them. That’s just the time to roll up our sleeves and touch as many as we can! As we make ourselves available and stretch as far as we can someone always seems to come along side to provide the next piece of the puzzle. We are a team so let’s each do our part and make a difference together!

I don’t know how we’ll purchase land and build buildings and so on to meet the needs that we see but I assure you that we’re going to keep pursuing accomplishing just that!! We need the whole heart of the whole team to get it done. You and us together!

Bright Future

One of the most rewarding aspects of our work at Project Nourish is working with the children. They are so eager, happy, and receptive to our friendship. We offer sponsorship of orphans and other children which will afford them the ability to attend school, and provide them with food and clothing making a sincere impact on their young lives! We absolutely love being part of the mechanism that makes this happen.

We are rewarded by knowing that lives that were in despair are now embracing a bright future! To be part of that is just incredible! You may know exactly what we here at Project Nourish are enjoying being a part of…

Young Givers

We are so pleased to have several young people on our January Impact Team. They bring such vitality and energy! Plus it is just comforting to see benevolence in the next generation.

These guys have stopped their normal lives and focused on caring for strangers who are faced with a very difficult life. They took it upon themselves to collect and purchase goods and supplies to distribute in the various locations we visited. It was truly a joy to watch them pouring out themselves for others and seeing them make so many new friends! They have made a lasting impact on a lot of lives!

We are looking forward to many more young people joining our Impact Teams. We love the old-timers (like me!) too…I’m just appreciating the youth right now!


We had the great pleasure of meeting a man named, Yves working for Samaritan’s Purse. He was the sweetest guy you’d ever want to meet. Long story short…he gave us contact information and helped set up our partnering with SP to provide some interim housing for some of our people displaced by the earthquake. What a Godsend! We’ve completed the paperwork, went through the necessary training and are preparing for the construction phase. We’re anticipating some very happy beneficiaries!! We need some funding for labor and transportation to make this happen. We’re hoping and expecting an answer to come from you…our kind friends and caring souls.

We have here some pictures of our meeting with Yves at the construction compound and of the type of structures being offered to provide shelter during this interim time of great need.

We hope you can join us in helping us make this become a reality! What a journey we’re on where we can see others in need and treat them like we would want to be treated if it were our turn. We are all partners in this thing called life…

A Thankful Mom…

We were fortunate to make friends with a new mom on our last trip. Her little baby was only a few days old and it was a special treat to hold her tiny body in my arms. This time around she’s a little bigger. But she was really sick and having difficulty breathing. Hearing the rumbling in her chest and seeing her gasp for breath was awful. We were able to get her medical attention and in just a couple of days saw great improvement! Thank God!! Seeing, and hearing, her clear up was a blessing.

I should remind you readers that it was someone’s donation that allowed for the doctor visit and filling the prescriptions. Without the generous donations there could have been a very different outcome. “Thank you!” all who are so generous with your hard earned money. Not all can take the trip and, frankly, not all should. But we can’t do what we’re doing without your financial help too! We all have a part and it’s beautiful to experience the harmony of that teamwork! This young mother would agree…

Cabois Visit

It is no secret that we love Cabois. Being able to visit again was a pleasure. We had some clothes and shoes for teachers. We had food for the orphans and their families. We had some medical supplies and I even got to administer some first aid as a young man cut his foot while we were there. I washed the cut, applied some antibiotic ointment, and a bandage…voila! Good timing…right?! Also an elderly man was given some medicine and thanked us on our second visit because he was feeling better already! What a blessing to reach out in love and impact someone’s life!

It’s always special interacting with the children! Upon our arrival I addressed the kids and let them know it was good to see them again and what our plans were. We had some food for them and their families and of course lots of love and affection!!

Lucy had a lesson and an art handout for the “Haiti Partners” school children we visited. We just love to visit here where we have committed to work together with the people of Cabois. Hope you’ll help!

My Mom!

Check this out… my mom, Lucy, joined us on this trip! She said this will be her last trip as she thinks she’s too old…BUT we’ve heard that before…take a look at these photos and see what you think. Does she look like she’s not going back? Or like she’s too old? I don’t think so!

Let me try to explain. First we have Lucy meeting up with an old friend, Joy, and sharing a “taxi” together. Then she gets reacquainted with our Haitian director, Junior. And finally visiting with a young woman who was sponsored by Lucy’s friend when she was about the age of her own little baby who Lucy is enjoying holding!

Mom is probably already starting to save for the next trip and planning out what things she wasn’t able to accomplish this time!! 🙂

Travel Day!

The day has finally come…we’re going to Haiti! Wow all the efforts were in anticipation of this day and now it pays off! It’s, of course, cumbersome to travel these days with the increased security measures to deal with but that hasn’t squelched the excitement of this Impact Group! Everyone is so looking forward to a great week in Haiti that this is hardly an inconvenience.

Here is a picture trying to account for all of the luggage in Port Au Prince, and on the bus for the trip out to the Leogane region where we’ll be staying. It’s going to be a great week…I’m sure of it! There are a lot of things we want to accomplish and relationships to be made and others to be furthered.