Final Preparations

We had our initial group luggage packing party! There were decisions to make on what clothes and shoes would take priority (of course the children’s things for the orphanage won out!) and what medical items and hygiene articles we can fit…everyone is excited to be able to distribute care packages to those in need! We are so thankful to be going on this trip and touching the lives of many Haitian people! Four of the nine group members will be experiencing Haiti for the first time. That is always fun and exciting!

We have some learning tools; books, MP3 players, etc. which are always well received as most of the Haitian people are anxious to learn English, read notes from previous visitors, or look at pictures from our lives in the US. We ALL thrive on love and care!

I brought some watches to my jeweler friend, Mike Paradise, for batteries so I could give them away in Haiti. He thought it was a great idea and not only didn’t charge Project Nourish for the battery installs but also contributed several watches himself! I know from past experience that this type of gift is so appreciated…I can hardly wait to present them!

Impact Group Trip

We have been preparing and planning for our Impact team to go into Haiti in January. The passports, plane tickets, supplies, etc. We are so thankful for the contributions of several people which include clothes, shoes, medical supplies, solar flashlights, toys, and so on. We are planning to have a packing party to use all of the 2 each, 50lb. luggage allowance! It’s a little work going in but well worth it in what we can disperse throughout our stay! And we can rest later as we’ll be a lot lighter coming home…

If you have some items to contribute we sure welcome it! It is so rewarding to help out in this country so acquainted with adversity. To be able to make a difference is something we should all realize…

Albany Trip

Last weekend we took a trip to Albany, New York to present for Project Nourish. We visited Solid Rock Church and Mark made a PowerPoint presentation to the assembly there. It was a solid presentation I must say! He did an excellent job and we’re fortunate to have him on our team.

We also had a meeting there to discuss some of our objectives in Haiti and concerning our administration here in the States. We gained some clarity of vision and Solid Rock graciously donated to the cause making the trip successful and rewarding! We look forward to working more with them in the future.