Shipment Time

At 5:30 AM Kenson and I left for New York and were able to make our connection and load our boxes into the container for shipment. The trip was good with little traffic being a Saturday morning. We’re thankful for the eventless trip knowing that in an instance hours could be added to the trip!

Unfortunately, I was so into the activities that I forgot to get pictures of loading the container! The gentleman told us that our goods should arrive in Haiti around December 12th to the 15th. That should give us time to deal with customs and retrieve it before our Impact Group arrives in the first part of January.

We have included a welder and other tools, as well as some merchandise which we plan to use to create some more businesses in the communities we are impacting. We still have needs for these types of items and are particularly looking for funding for more water purifiers and larger diesel generators. So far we have done some rewarding projects and are optimistic of even greater future projects!

Packing Boxes

We’ve been collecting items to ship for a while now and it’s time to make a shipment. Our good friend Kenson Joseph (Haitian) came up from Florida to help us with packing techniques and shipping connections.

We packed up some tools, a generator, bicycles, shoes, clothes, etc… Some is for our teams to work more effectively there and some is for disbursement to those in need. We have many pairs of shoes which are a constant need in Haiti. Many pairs of shoes have been sent already in preparation for our Impact Group trip in January.

Tomorrow morning we are off to New York to get the goods to the container for shipment within a couple of days…

Education in Cabois

Among the goals that we’d like to reach in providing an orphanage, clinic and entrepreneurial assistance targeting sustenance for the community, education is not the least. I’m sure that you understand it is an essential part of any community.

We are in communication with John Engle of Haiti Partners who are making great strides in the area of education in Cabois. We are deliberating on the topic of collaborating in this effort. There are funds needed for continuing the work by purchasing solar equipment, inverters, and a generator for the school. Additionally, the continued salaries of the teachers and administrators need to be provided for.

We are presently looking for funders, whether they be corporate or individuals or foundations, that would assist in these efforts to cover the costs of educating Haitian communities, specifically Cabois.

Hurricane Tomas

I spoke to our friend Junior last night who told me that, unfortunately, two people died in Leogane due to the flooding from Tomas. I have seen reports stating from four to seven deaths have been reported. The path of the hurricane was headed directly over Haiti and moved to travel between Haiti and Cuba. Even from this path there has been sufficient damage to these island countries. In recent years loss of life has been reported relating to storms not reaching hurricane strength. At this time particular vulnerability is the case since so many still reside in tents and make shift structures.

Through phone conversations with friends in Haiti I’ve learned that many suffered by not having provisions and being confined inside for the duration of the storm. When the rains diminished the strong winds were still an issue.


One of our intentions has been to purchase land to use for implementing our goals of building an orphanage, a clinic and so on. We had negotiated for three parcels back in June. You could kind of picture them as two squares; one in front of the other, and a narrow lot running along the side of them. We are holding off on the one on the side for now due to a multiple ownership situation that we would like resolved first so as to eliminate problems later. That leaves the two squares. We have a down payment on the rear one and have just sent the money to purchase the front lot! “Thank you”, to all who contributed!!

We plan on having all the legal paperwork done in time for our Impact Team to begin work on the property during the January trip! We have much to do with clearing and building and so on which, of course, requires funding! So we’re looking for a continued effort in making this dream a reality!! We will do it!!!