Cholera and Fresh Water

With the recent outbreak of cholera in Haiti our water purifier became that much more important! So many people from neighboring communities came by for fresh drinking water…and we had it! It is so pleasing to have already been set up and be in a position to help these people! We still have to pay off this unit and want to purchase them as we can for other communities. We are hoping for some folks to come forward and push this very important project along!

Cholera causes vomiting, extreme diarrhea, and stomach pain. Rehydrating with clean water is key! We want to continue to make clean water available to communities so these types of events don’t happen!

Speaking Engagements

Hey Guys! I Just wanted to let you know that we have some increased interest towards our efforts in helping meet the needs in Haiti.

Let me mention a few for you. There is MA realtor that wants to help out in some way and perhaps get his office involved. We are trying to schedule a meeting. There is a very talented artist in NY with a great fundraising idea that wants to meet with us. We haven’t yet determined a time & place to meet. We have a presentation planned for the end of the month in Albany. The group wants to get behind our efforts! A group in Syracuse just recently let us know that they’d be joining Project Nourish also.

Please remember that you can mention the cause in you realm of influence. We are passing along the benefits of the funds we receive to these struggling people in a desperate situation. You are a significant part of our team!

Jaclyn & Shaina

On our last trip to Haiti we passed out some ever popular SillyBandz to several of the kids we came across in our travels. We were able to do this because two young girls donated them, from their collections, to give to the kids in Haiti. It was a big hit!

I think the biggest part of it is just the feeling of someone caring for them. They were so happy to receive the small gift. We should remember how that expressing love and care for others makes an incredible impact! These young girls remind us of this and encourage us to continue to act from the God-given compassion of the heart. Project Nourish is focused on doing just that! Thanks, girls!

Benevolent People!

We received some comments on the blog post about givers. I started thinking of the people who have so generously given during the last few months. Of course there are always needs to address and resources needed to accomplish them, but it’s good to occasionally reflect on the things that have been done and those who have contributed to the effort…

There was Ken who responded to our email with eight solar powered flashlights. Jen secured several boxes of diabetes test kits. Bert donated both a small generator and a laptop. There was Ronaldo donating hand sanitizers. APA church did a shoe drive and a raffle fundraiser. Wendy purchased much needed medicines. Susan donated hygiene items and volunteered to shop for items. Derek & Carolyn are our latest child sponsors. Joe gave us a water purifier on our word to repay him. David gave funds towards our land purchase. Dave & Carolyn gave the remainder of our dorm/office lease in Haiti. Paul donated his time to set up the child sponsorship program. Mark created the website. MaryEllen volunteered to help with shipping. Tom consulted with us regarding a data tracking system. Kenson shipped for us from Florida to Haiti…

Of course there are more, and some of these did more as well, but these come quickly to mind. We are so grateful for the growing family of Project Nourish helpers! We hope you join the family… if you haven’t already!

Cholera Outbreak

If you haven’t heard there has been an outbreak of cholera in a region of Haiti. Already over 200 people have died with thousands reported sick. There is a real need for clean drinking water throughout the country. We were fortunate to bring in water purification to a community a couple of months ago. Right now many, many people in the area are coming to get the pure drinking water from this system. We at Project Nourish are so pleased that we have that in place and that so many people are benefiting from this clean water source! (see “Water Purifier” post; ).

There has been concern for these types of problems since the earthquake in January. In the many camps conditions are very difficult and food and water remain a very real issue along with hygiene and medical needs. There is no infrastructure to facilitate efficient dealing with the current situation, or others, should they arise. We need to reach out and help our struggling Haitian neighbors in this most difficult time. We thank all of you that contribute to the solution and ask for continued benevolence toward the people of Haiti, particularly in helping to provide clean water!

Market Day

Saturday is market day in Leogane and we were able to send our representative, Junior to the market to purchase food for our much in need sponsored village! We are so appreciative to all who make this sort of thing possible. One moment they are hungry and the next moment they are very happily eating a meal with their families, with a little more for later!

We have been feeding a village for a while now and are happy to do it…but our goal is to help them attain self-sufficiency. Project Nourish is working to initiate agricultural programs and work initiatives to continue to step in the direction of this goal. As we continue to receive support, we’ll continue to strive to accomplish this long term goal. A big “thank you” to all of you who make these steps possible!


Shoes, shoes, shoes! It’s a big need in Haiti. We’ve collected, and are continuing to collect shoes to bring into Haiti. Between the amount of walking and the rough terrain shoes are in constant demand.

We sent a shipment of new, and near new, shoes out several weeks ago and have learned that it just arrived at the port. We haven’t actually got our hands on them yet as they’re somewhere on a container with all the other items being sifted through! We’ll have to update you when we have them in hand.

These will be such a blessing to the recipients…believe me! And again, it feels great to pass these along to those in need but it is also difficult to see a greater demand than the supply. But we will continue with the shoe drive and help as many as we can, as soon as we can! We also have sent along some soccer cleats which have been a big hit. During our last trip we were able to take in an inter-village soccer match which was an exciting and enjoyable time.

Group Trip!

We are looking forward to taking a group into Haiti in January. It will be a great experience for those who are returning to this country that has found a special place in their hearts, and for those who are traveling to Haiti for the first time! We at Project Nourish believe that the experience will stay with each member of the team and will change them forever!

There are several items that we will be bringing in including flashlights, medical supplies, teaching materials, clothes, shoes, and more! We also have some work details scheduled for our Impact Group.

An important part of the trip is creating friendships. We schedule in time to communicate with our Haitian friends to share our lives with them and learn about their lives. Each trip holds rewarding interactions which are absolutely precious! We are actively planning, collecting, and readying ourselves for a productive trip!

Business Update

We had a post earlier discussing some of our business initiatives and promised some updates so here we go… I spoke with a couple of participants last night, via telephone, and found out that the one providing fishermen with supplies is a little slow because more is needed to stock an inventory…but there is some commerce happening.

(Anyone remember the old treadle sewing machines?)

Now the food supplies store seems to be doing great! The supplies are being sold and another trip to the market is on the immediate schedule to replenish the inventory! What a blessing for this young mom who is very happy to be providing for her family!

On our next trip we’ll get some new pictures of these entrepreneurs. It is so rewarding to be part of helping people succeed…isn’t it?!  🙂