Well with so much of Haiti living in tents, and very make-shift tents at that, a hurricane would be just absolutely devastating! Even the strong winds on a near miss would leave so many people homeless! Remember, many of these “tents” are constructed of sticks stuck in the ground with a bed sheet over them…like we used to make as kids to play in! Some better ones are made with a sheet of plastic on top, and even better ones will have a rusted piece of corrugated metal roofing material. Of course there are many nice tents sent in from other countries in international relief efforts, but would you want to endure a hurricane in one?

Many of us saw the looming danger and prayed that Earl would turn right and calm down…well, it did! Thank God. Our hope is that result is duplicated with the other storms on the horizon…

1Yr. Lease

Our good friends Dave & Carolyn who cook at some very high-end camps and lodges in the country came to visit this weekend. They are just phenomenal people and great to be with. Every time they come to our part of the country we love to have the opportunity to have dinner with them or sit in a living room somewhere for a few hours.  It’s the fun and comfortable sense of being with family! This time was no different and we soaked up the minutes and hours spent together.

Well after spending some of our time helping them with PC issues and hearing what they’ve been up to this past year, we discussed our work in Haiti. They told us of how they believed in us and what we’re doing. Then they surprised us by telling us they wanted to pay the rest of our annual lease on our house in Haiti leased for our stays and for office space. We are blessed to have their trust, support and their precious friendship! I wonder if they’d come and cook at our dorm??? 🙂

Office Equipment

We’ve had some problems keeping records and sending files and communicating. A friend of Junior, our team leader in Haiti, allowed him the use of his laptop to help out in our efforts. Junior proceeded to fill it up with important things like pictures of our teachers and kids at our orphanage and so on. That’s great, right?  Wrong…he took it back and deleted everything! Now we have to start over…

The good news is that Pastor Bert from APA church has donated a new laptop! So from now on we’ll have the data that we save long enough to accomplish its purpose!  We’ll be setting up a little office space there in Haiti, for Junior and the Haitian team to use, on our next trip Sept. 10th. A big “thank you” for this needed gift!

Study or Practice?

So many times people study how to do things but never actually DO them! Well, I’m happy to report that a local Christian study group put into practice the giving they study and teach about.

Their meeting was over and at least half had gone home when one of the leaders told of one of our needs, namely to lease a house, that we had negotiated a price for, to use for a dorm on our group trips as well as an office space in Haiti. After hearing the situation a few went home and returned with a donation, while one or two went to an ATM, and others just dug into their pockets! Within about a half an hour or so, 1/3rd of the yearly lease amount was in hand to be sent tomorrow to seal the deal!

I guess the moral of this post is “practice what you preach!”

Acquiring Land

Some of the younger members of our team on site…

We’ll need a place to accomplish some of our grandiose plans, of course. So we had separate meetings with three different owners of three plots of land the abut each other.  The overall consensus was that they believed in our vision! So they gave us very reasonable prices and we agreed, shook hands and went to work soliciting support. We have now made some down payments and are excited about locking down some concrete building plans. (pardon the pun!)

In this steep mountain region these lots are surprisingly flat! Wow, we can do a lot here! One of the previous owners used his land to grow corn and such for his livelihood. We also want to include growing crops in our model of a self-sustaining community.

We’ll keep you updated as we complete the purchase and begin the development process…