Mountain Orphanage

One of our very important endeavors is our orphanage project. We originally thought the number of children we’d be attending was right around 30. Well…when we actually got there…the number suddenly became 96! We have their birth certificates and we took their pictures. The problem that we are addressing now is that we didn’t match the pictures with the certificates! I know, I know… but we’re getting it done!

We couldn’t help but be moved as we photographed these children in front of a nice bush. Some with a big smile, some were crying, some came up slowly with seeming trepidation… But they are all special and deserving of our resolve to attend their present, and upcoming needs for success.

It is our hope that you’ll join us in this task as we set out to feed, clothe, educate, and inspire this beautiful collection of young souls! If you’d like to sponsor a child please contact us and let us know. For around $25 a month we’ll keep a child fed, keep them in school, and give them the love and care they need!

Feeding Program – Ti-Brache

We conducted a feeding program today in Ti-Brache. I had mixed emotions during, and after, the event. On one hand it was very gratifying to pass along some food that will help nourish several families for some amount of time. On the other hand, it just never seems that there’s enough! I had to walk away to hide my tears realizing we simply could not feed everyone in the village. We had to drive away quickly or people would continue to come hoping to receive from us after our supply ran out! We can only do what we have provision for… Thank God for what was accomplished! We’ll keep pressing on and trusting in the Divine Providence.

This particular group of people is not getting the much needed attention they deserve. A local pastor informed us of their plight and asked if we’d be able to help. We quickly responded with our team and what a welcome we got! They were so happy to receive food for their families! Please remember these folks in your prayers…