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Project Nourish is actively pursuing solutions for the difficult struggles in the average Haitian life. These struggles include housing, food, employment, clean

Was that wedding bells we heard?? That’s right! We certainly had a wedding a couple of weeks ago. Our son, James Vanderhoof married Linda Guerrier of BordMer.

When we go into Cabois, or any of the villages we help, we do not have to make an announcement or “beep” the horn. Just show up! After a few short moments there

Project Nourish has experienced a level of success by partnering with other individuals and organizations. Below I am pictured with a couple of our key helpers

We see so many children throughout our travels in Haiti. Some of them are happy & some sad, some healthy & some not so healthy, some from the middle class

We have many children who need sponsors to care for their schooling expenses as well as food and clothes. But that said, we are so thankful for those who have stepped