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One of the very cool things we get to do is bring in letters and gifts from sponsors. We try to take pictures for the sponsors so they can see that their benevolence

I had the honor of traveling with my daughter, Jaclyn on this last trip. It was just the two of us and it was nice. We started off together every moment, laughing,

Our good friends Dave and Carolyn sent us some beans to give out in Cabois. Of course I had to try them…right? I never used to be much of a beans guy but after

Fifteen months after the earthquake and multitudes of families are still living in make-shift tents all over the country side of Haiti. It’s hard to imagine from

We at Project Nourish will always hold a special place in our hearts for the sponsorship programs. So many long-term, fulfilling relationships have come from these

Project Nourish was so happy to distribute lots of shoes to families recently. This is one of the most appreciated gifts that we bring in on our trips. I remember