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Junior helping explain some medical instructions…               Doug and Marie One of our Haitian team members, Junior has been instrumental in coordinating

They were already friends…now we are! Just look at these cute little faces! So willing to befriend us, making our trip that much more enjoyable… So many of

Sophonie and her mom…                               Enjoying Sofonie’s company! I was driving away from the village and I heard

We are finishing our75th unit this week!      A family’s tent in front and our units in back… We had a great trip. Lots of good things were accomplished!

Building the frame The second phase of the interim homes building project is well under way with ten more houses built and more units being delivered. We will get

Hopeful hearts… Unfortunately, hunger is still a very real fact of life in many parts of the world and it is here in Haiti. We still see signs of malnutrition