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With the recent outbreak of cholera in Haiti our water purifier became that much more important! So many people from neighboring communities came by for fresh drinking

Hey Guys! I Just wanted to let you know that we have some increased interest towards our efforts in helping meet the needs in Haiti. Let me mention a few for you.

On our last trip to Haiti we passed out some ever popular SillyBandz to several of the kids we came across in our travels. We were able to do this because two young

We received some comments on the blog post about givers. I started thinking of the people who have so generously given during the last few months. Of course there

If you haven’t heard there has been an outbreak of cholera in a region of Haiti. Already over 200 people have died with thousands reported sick. There is

Saturday is market day in Leogane and we were able to send our representative, Junior to the market to purchase food for our much in need sponsored village! We