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We are so blessed to be in a position to make a difference in many lives in Haiti. Among them is a special group of children. We know that our efforts are made

Recently I heard a disparaging remark about all people. I had to speak up and say that although there’s a lot of the type of things happening that this man was

I don’t want to be redundant…but…I have to talk to you a little more about the water purifier that we were able to bring to Cabois. They are simply elated

“Hi” all. We’ve made some more contacts and begun relationships that hopefully prove out to be advantageous for all involved! There are a few people who have

I’m sure you can appreciate the importance of teamwork and how beneficial it is to efficiency and progress. Well, we have received some confirmation these

This morning we are running around saying “goodbye” to everyone we can. It has been a great trip and were already looking forward to coming back! There will